Deeds, Not Words - Windsor

14572305_557280817790609_3260226105448701679_n.jpgMeeting at front gate to Queen Elizabeth II Gardens at corner of Tecumseh and Ouellette

Coming this October 10th Idle No More has answered the call out for#DeedsNotWords National Day of Action. We invite all peoples to join us in calling out the Trudeau Liberal gov't on their growing list of broken campaign promises that previously gave a great deal of hope to many indigenous communities across this country. Idle No More organizers from across Turtle Island are making plans in their territories including Treaty 6, Toronto and on the East Coast are confirmed. 

Our stand for something as basic as clean drinking water is something we demand for all people, because we know how hard it is to go without something many take for granted.
Promises of clean drinking water, a basic human right. 

Promises of equal education funding for our children, another basic human right. Promises of implementing the UNDRIP into Canadian Law, which had many people doubtful would actually transpire. These are but a few of the so called renewed "Nation to Nation" campaign promises that had indigenous folks clamoring to the elections polls, many for the first time ever.

Now those same people are coming to the realization that it was but another trick in our long and deadly "Nation to Nation" relationship with Canada. Across our beautiful shared country, mega-projects are getting a fast green lights despite very vocal and active opposition from a long list of indigenous communities. Reopening mines and granting permits on lands that have been devastated by tailings spills. Communities continue to be poisoned by water that is wastefully polluted in the name of industry and so called development. Even on the international level this gov't has gone back on their commitments made to reduce emissions and pushes through dirty, unsustainable energy at the #COP21.

It is quite clear to most of us at this point, that as far as Indigenous Rights in this country is concerned, is it business as usual under all of Harper's destructive policies that never had respect for the First Peoples of this country. No free and prior informed consent (#FPIC) policies have been implemented, nor will any be any time soon. Unaccessible consultations is still the trick used only under a new name with some new shiny faces.
So far the Trudeau gov't has made a portfolio of photo ops of handshakes. And that is all that is happening for our people. Our communities won't see any funding for years and in the meantime we will continue to be underfunded and under the current gov'ts thumb.

We demand that the Trudeau government to take credible and immediate action to:

*Implement UNDRIP in Canadian law.
*Clearly indicate it respects Indigenous Peoples’ right to say no to development on their land. (This means Free, Prior, and *Informed Consent, not manipulated sham consultations)
*Stop the Site C dam
*Close the funding deficit for First Nations now
*Stop pipeline, gas, and oil megaprojects: build green energy, transit, and houses
*Introduce a climate plan that respects the 1.5-2 degree temperature target that Canada helped negotiate in Paris. *Adopting Harper’s emission reduction targets is a betrayal of that commitment.
*Fully fund Indigenous-owned and controlled renewable energy projects.

We ask First Nations and allies on both sides of the medicine line, on the land or in cities, to respond to this call by undertaking action, in accordance with their own capacities, responsibilities, and their protocols. This Thanksgiving, Indigenous communities and supporters will be conducting actions, holding ceremonies, and gatherings across Canada to protect land and water and to demand the Trudeau government stop pretending, and start acting like it respects our rights. It is high time for deeds, not words.

October 10, 2016 at 1pm - 3:30pm
Queen Elizabeth II Gardens
Tecumseh Rd E and Ouellette Ave
Windsor, ON N8X
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Will you come?