Hey CN? This Is Indian Land.



CN Rail recently showed up at a First Nations water ceremony to serve a respected community member with an injunction. The blessing was supposed to take place on the tracks and was called off by the Elders, but that did not stop CN from interrupting the ceremony with threats and intimidation. This is a threat to everything we have fought for: our ceremonies, our right to be on our land, and the right to be treated with respect. 

Anytime between 9 am and 6 pm on Sunday April 19th go out to a train track near you with a sign that says "Hey CN? This is Indian Land" and wait for a train to go by. That is all you have to do. Do not set even one foot on the track because then this 11141134_805343486187235_6895692550219283657_n.jpgaction is completely legal and nobody can stop us or harass us in any way! This is a peaceful protest that will interfere with anybody but it will send a strong message. 

It will remind CN of how many of our territories they pass through, and, of how many of us First Nations there actually are. Idle No More stands in solidarity with Grassy Narrows and our Sacred Ceremonies.

#HeyCN #ThisIsIndianLand #stopCNintheirtracks #MadeYouLook #RespectCeremony

You can keep up to date and/or post your pictures of your signs or pictures of you holding up your sign to a passing train on the Facebook event page; Hey CN? This is Indian Land.


Train Safety


"So I had another convo with a railway person today...a great guy from Operation Lifesaver who helped out with some safety criteria for all of us while we peacefully protest CN's interference. He actually said 'blessing the track - that's so beautiful!'" said organizer Lynda Kitchikeesic

The reason for this safety protocol is there were 36 fatalities on the tracks last year. We don't want to be one! We need to stay 45 feet (or 15 metres) away from the train tracks. 
Then there's no apprehension on the part of the engineer, a loose strap can't hurt you, flying debris can't hit you, and there is no risk you will be struck by a train. Sounds like good thinking to me.

He also mentioned that ALL trains have a camera on the front of the train and if they review that footage can see how many of us there were, read the signs, and tell if people were a safe distance away.

We encourage you to participate in this solidarity action peacefully, legally and safely and we all truly appreciate you standing up for ceremony.




More info at www.operationlifesaver.com

April 19, 2015 at 9am - 6pm
Anywhere in Canada You Can Safely Hold a Sign to a Passing Train
Hold up your sign 45 Feet away from the tracks. Do Not Put One Foot On The Tracks.
Turtle Island, ON
Google map and directions
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Lynda Kitchikeesic Tori Cress

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