The Vision

INM_notext.jpg"Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water"

INM has and will continue to help build sovereignty & resurgence of nationhood.

INM will continue to pressure government and industry to protect the environment.

INM will continue to build allies in order to reframe the nation to nation relationship, this will be done by including grassroots perspectives, issues, and concern.

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  • Douglas Forsey
    commented 2014-04-15 14:52:11 -0700
    does anyone around there i think maybe government in canada is doing the same as the states buy using the race card to win the election just askin
  • Claudette Fleming
    commented 2014-03-27 07:16:28 -0700
    Now we have the internet, we should use it for the cause of the earth. But sometimes we also need to physically demonstrate our commitment to our cause. Peacefully that is.
  • Cathryn Murdoch
    commented 2014-03-26 15:59:02 -0700
    I agree revolution and peaceful are not usually aligned. If we join revolution (dramatic – wide reaching change in conditions & attitudes) with peaceful (coexistence – amiable – benevolent – yielding) then heart and spirit co create new beginnings starting with each of us.
  • Leslie Bear
    commented 2014-01-14 09:45:29 -0800
    No matter what we all are Indigenous or not like Claudette said we need to make changes in the First Nations Communities we cant go on without or with bad water, our community needs to come together to make a change in this society for us!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lynn Magnuson
    commented 2013-12-23 05:12:25 -0800
    Chief Seattle said we would “choke in our own waste” if we didn’t respect the Earth. If you look around now, you can see what he said is true. Over the years, I’ve watched the Earth get more and more destroyed by those who do not respect it. This Movement is the best thing to happen in a very long time. Even though I am part Native American, I consider indigenous rights to be part of the rights of all of us who inhabit the Earth.
  • Christina Lee Countryman
    commented 2013-10-24 18:22:39 -0700
    Each stone in the stream helps the water have a different voice, a unique song . we humans are like that too. Each responding to the current of life in our own way. The river spirit tells me though, we are all the same stream. Each individual bears a personal responsibility for the behavior of the species.
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-23 07:07:41 -0700
    “All the people need to do if they want to see the truth of this is to look to there own inner
    spirit and conscience.
    It will be to them like a “mirror” and they will see the truth of it for themselves.
    (Frank Fools Crow)
  • Christina Countryman
    commented 2013-10-23 06:52:28 -0700
    Yes Claudette, I agree. To demonstrate a respectful personal relationship to water can open hearts faster than a lecture. As an example: I collect rainwater for my garden, to carry and pour when the soil needs water. Building that into my life brought unanticipated gifts of spirit, and understanding. Earth gives abundance freely, we do not need to take and destroy.
  • Claudette Fleming
    commented 2013-10-23 05:23:48 -0700
    Indigenous or not, we must learn to respect our water and land. Without them we cannot survive. Unless we ourselves demonstrate how sacred they are to us, others would not understand.
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-22 17:57:26 -0700
    Finding ways to present issues so that they are “seen” from a “Universal” Viewpoint we all relate to “deep inside” is probbly one of the most important objectives in in presenting ones
    core “viewpoint” on any issue, people must "Reflect and “Relate” in a way that is non topical
    and connect ones issue with a deep part of there “own” core Source understanding , the complexity and structured systems in many peoples lives have a way of Profoundly “disconnecting” ones own abilty to look upon deepy human issues “with ones own eyes” and understand that we all share the same issues this touches quite deeply on ones
    core sense of “inner accountablity” and “connective” respect for each other “and” all our “relations”.
    “I see you” may be 3 simple words but its core meaning and impact deeply on
    how people “see each other” with respect and understanding " as well as
    look upon the world and its core human issues "with ones “own” eyes and
    heartfelt understanding , sublime dammage to these underlying “bonds” is at the roots
    of many of the issues “we all face” in our world today , if people cant “see” each other
    how are they ever going to come together and address an issue with any kind of “clarity” ?
  • Cathryn Murdoch
    commented 2013-10-22 16:56:01 -0700
    Water is our most precious asset, no creature can survive without it.
    The quality of water we drink daily, what it contains or does not contain, is imperative to our health on every level.
    Many sacred meeting place’s for indigenous people’s are on ground near or close to water.
    As an element, water represent’s our ability to flow, adapt, grow, be fluid and to evolve and move forward.
    Water is powerful : consider it’s ability to change the shape of the land/rock over which it flows, in time.
    We need to connect with and harness the power of water in our pledge to save our water ways.
  • Christina Countryman
    commented 2013-10-22 15:42:36 -0700
    Water is the great communicator, it is our common denominator. The water in me admires the water in you regardless our differences. So let’s honor the water together and be as one heart with good mind and honor our differences as blessings from creator to make life interesting.
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-21 09:55:59 -0700
    Be “extremly careful” there are instigators trying trying to push peoples buttons and incite Violance members of the warrior sociaty need take real care here to understand the “underlying” game “being played” to sway public opinions , keep this on your mind “allways”
    I would realy like to see dialog and feedback on these underlying issues talked about
    in a calm rational manor.
    The underlying Issues at the Mi’kMaq fracking protect come to mind .
  • Lisa Lavoie
    commented 2013-10-19 12:44:47 -0700
    I am so proud that the Native American people have stood up for their land. I wish that everyone was as passionate about such a potentially harmful issue. If there is a protest in my area, I would love to join with them if that’s ok.
  • Spencer Mann
    followed this page 2013-10-18 21:33:16 -0700
  • Cathryn Murdoch
    commented 2013-10-18 12:59:06 -0700
    Brian Perkins thank you for your comments which are concise, balanced with insight. I share them via twitter & acknowledge you as the source to create greater awareness.
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-18 06:48:19 -0700
    Define “Sub human” one needs to take a deeper look at the core underlying issues at hand ,
    and put ones self in anothers shoes , (unless the core intent of ones message is to “seed” hate mistrust and seperation") think of familys whos wells are now useless due to contamitation from fracking or the disfigured fish pulled from the rivers that flow through the tar sands project think of the feelings held deep inside going back many generations and of ones core duty to protect the land water and those who can not speak, and for the generations to come.
    Take a look at The Two row Wampum treaty and its underlying history
    The underlying roots of “Human Tribalism” that continue to seed hate and mistrust and conflit
    in our world today. be aware of them.
  • Project Manifest
    commented 2013-10-17 21:16:03 -0700
    Unfortunately white America teaches us, we are not all created equal. Race aside one must fight to have there rights recognized and opinions heard. As we learn from history the followers of Christ murdered and poisoned our native peoples, and they enslaved the Africans to build the United States. In 2013 despite technology and global connection, humans are still willing to kill for money.
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-15 07:28:20 -0700
    The Underlying external forces “Driving ones Sense Of Seperation” prevent people from
    “seeing and Hearing” each other and truly grasping the scope of the “feelings” at hand
    this goes back many generations and drives a lot of anger hate, fear, and mistrust, it also deepy impacts upon our childrens lives at many levels not that well understood “yet”.
    Does one skins color “bind” one to Ancestal Hatred and “labeling” regardless of ones desire
    to heal the wrongs of ones past history ? many so called "White lesbains " know “full well” deep inside there is a real core issue with our underlying economic and political systems that impact a great “moral injustice” that has deeply wounded our peoples “accountability” native peoples are not without fault either as there past conflits “with each other” show we “all” at times come in contact with our core “primal” indiffrences, The question is , Do we honestly learn from our past history ? or do we let it drag behind us like a ball and chain.
  • Christopher Whybrow
    commented 2013-10-14 22:22:09 -0700
    Who are you to judge others !! let nature take its course and we will see what and who are left.
    every man has the right to believe in what he wants(who is tosay your belief is the right way) so long he does mother earth no harm or other humanbeings.
  • Umberto Arciero
    commented 2013-10-14 09:29:52 -0700
  • Cathryn Murdoch
    commented 2013-10-11 13:45:07 -0700
    Saturday Oct 12 =
    I have been on site, in Sydney at Occupy’s 24/7 Resource Centre for Homeless People serving tea coffee soup chatting & joining with our Community who live without homes from all nations.
    Today we Celebrate 2 Years @ Occupy Sydney & I am Honoured to be speaking at the Event about Idle No More.
    A wonderful opportunity to communicate with people who are not aware of how they can contribute & engage & co-create positive change.
  • Claudette Fleming
    commented 2013-10-10 02:23:02 -0700
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-09 07:19:59 -0700
    Calling light on the issues driving our underlying “sense of seperation” and finding ways to speak that help “The people” reflect upon these underlying issues should be a focus topic, The core value of ones heartfelt understanding brought to the surface on the feelings and memorys we all hold “deep inside” on past and “present” issues we all face.
    Be very careful not to drive on the “US and Them” viewpoint as that just throws more fuel on the wrong fire, its true we all have to mantain respect for culltural idenity but in speaking
    with many people both old and young and asking them to share there "feelings on the issues we all face, if one can get past the surface noise and external driven viewpoints to ones inner understanding , We suddenly once again “see” each other with very comon roots.
    I exprenced a suprising and very non topical example of this in the unexpected reaction
    of hundreds of people after there exprence with a Mirror story film that touched deeply
    upon the core feelings and memorys we “all hold inside”.
  • Project Manifest
    commented 2013-10-09 02:04:01 -0700
    Humans have to become self sufficient with biological farming methods. Humans need to stop relying on large corporations to grow and distribute there food. GMO is taking over, only the ones who adopt new technology will keep there healthy genetics. Its important for scientists to teach and inform the worlds population to become independent from the corrupt food industry that is taking over the world.
  • Christopher Whybrow
    commented 2013-10-08 23:37:02 -0700
    keep spreading the wordand be the change that you want to see in this world…..the world is what WE buy,Inform yourself where the product comes from and whats behind it.
  • Paul Komara
    commented 2013-10-07 22:10:14 -0700
    We all can change…especially when it is life or death…join with me to idle no more…the power is within us. Draw on it now! Aloha, paul
  • Brian Perkins
    commented 2013-10-07 05:39:22 -0700
    (Reflecting On inner understanding addresing the issues we “all” face in our world today)
    If you follow me and trust. There is no risk to lose. I"ll show you where to go,,, I will allways be your friend,,, We will walk “this way” together,,, and allways know where we are,,
    at times we find trouble,, we stop and listen to our hearts,,,
    Cause Inside we are strong !
    And where “feeling” can’t go wrong !
    We take this energy in our lives,,
    We’ll never walk you wrong.

    (Give value to the “feelings” we “all” hold inside)
    To address the underlying roots of the issues we “all face” our peoples must “see” and “hear” each other and reflect upon the Multi-Generational"thoughts" and “feelings”
    Held “deep inside” not to attach to our past, but to move to a better future.
    How sociaty "feels " matters. “speak to the people first”, not the goverment.
    Try a “diffrent” approach. from others.
  • Christina Countryman
    commented 2013-10-05 05:34:01 -0700
    It’s not complicated, we must protect life and water is life, all the laws and excuses mean nothing in the long run. People must be free to live in nature, within their ancient non-harmful traditions and outside of the lockstep money driven madness. Indeed humanity must adopt non-harmful relationships to nature in a hurry if survival is to remain an option.
    The true wealth of the world is in our diversity.
  • christie lionelle
    commented 2013-10-01 20:11:36 -0700
    I hope this movement reaches its vision and I am happy to be part of it. My vision is not just my vision anymore I am comforted and excited.