Toronto's 9th Annual Strawberry Ceremony in Honour of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and those who have died Violent Deaths by Colonialism

Idle No More strongly supports this event.

Strawberry Ceremony with Wanda Whitebird begins at 12:30 Police Headquarters 40 College Street at Bay, Toronto

Community Feast catered by NaMeRes at the 519 Church Street Community Centre; 519 Church Street following the rally.

Please leave your agency banners and organization signs at home and make some in honour of women who have died instead.

Tokens will be available at the rally.

Three Indigenous women have died violent deaths in Toronto since last year's ceremony. This has led No More Silence to create a community owned database to document and investigate such deaths in collaboration with Families of Sisters in Spirit and the Native Youth Sexual Health Network

We continue to raise our voices in denouncing the racism and complicity of state institutions and we support the demand for a national public inquiry led by Indigenous grass roots women and supported by a United Nations Investigation into Missing & Murdered Indigenous women in Canada

According to research conducted by the Native Women Association of Canada (NWAC) under the Sisters In Spirit Program, over 600 Indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing, most of them over the last 30 years.

Despite clear evidence that this is an ongoing issue, the federal government decided in the fall of 2010 to end funding to Sisters in Spirit. Instead monies in the amount of $10 million have been dedicated to a central RCMP missing person centre. The same institution - who, along with the Vancouver Police Department, failed to properly investigate Pickton in 1997 - was at the centre of a public inquiry in Vancouver. The sham inquiry into the failed Pickton investigation has since been completed with no consequences for any guilty parties and was boycotted by 20 of the 21 groups who were granted standing due to the denial of adequate funding for legal defense.

Pickton, who was convicted for six murders, has admitted to killing 49 women. A total of 18 murders occurred after he was arrested and released for the attempted murder of a sex worker in 1997. This is blood on police hands, yet RCMP officers testifying at the sham inquiry state “there are few things they would change about how they did their work.”

It should come as no surprise that the Committee to End Discrimination Against Women at the United Nations has visited the country to investigate Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women.

February 14, 2014 at 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Carrie Lester Stefano Federici Carol Muree Martin Tori Cress Jordan Wettlaufer maxyne baker nielsen tannis Aylan Couchie Colleen A. Cardinal Avila-Velarde Miguel Wayne AllcornBannatyne Cindy Scouten Haily MacDonald Maio Andrew Ages Roewan Crowe Patrick Stephenson Kim Muskratt Melanie A Smoke Clayton Thomas-Muller Iris Ciccione Kat Norris Valentina Capurri Mista Wasis Peter Chan Diane Peace Tracey Mae Chambers Richard Lawrence Sheelah McLean Lynda Kitchikeesic Marilyn Fox Mary Larkman Gloria Jara Chris Jeremy

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