Theland - Walk for MMIW Children

Walking for Children of the MMIW


Theland Kicknosway is 11 years old, Pottawatami Cree from Walpole Island. He is a traditional drummer and hoop dancer and a valued youth leader in the Ottawa community. He is planning to walk from Ottawa, ON to Kitigan Zibi, QC to Bridget Tolley's house March 31st - April 5th, 2015. This young man has been a dedicated supporter of Sisters in Spirit and Idle No More. He has continued to selflessly share his gifts and talents in support of the work of the Grassroots People. 

Since Theland was 10 years old he wanted to support missing and murdered Indigenous women's initiatives and has come out every year to honour them by singing and drumming at Families of Sisters in Spirit vigils and ceremonies twice each year on Oct4th and Feb 14th.
Theland feels its important to bring attention to the children of missing and murdered Indigenous women need to be acknowledged and supported because he feels they are forgotten and under represented but they are the ones left behind. These children lost their mothers, aunties, sisters, cousins and are left to struggle with the loss and trauma that largely goes unacknowledged.

Theland wants those children to know he is thinking about them and he will continue to "walk in a good way" to be there for them.

Theland Kicknosway singing at Families of Sisters in Spirit Vigil 2012 filmed by Caro Ibrahim

It will take Theland 5-7 days to walk /run the 134 KMs if he walks for 6 hours each day. Theland has the full support his family and community support. Please show your support in supporting youth leading the way to bring attention to this important initiative taken on by a young man.

You can help Theland and his supporters make this Walk for the Children happen, that will raise awareness about the children left behind in the epidemic numbers of MMIW across the country. You can find the link to the online fundraiser Walk for MMIWs Children here.

YouTube video by elmarquis07 coverage of Theland Kicknosway singing for the Jingle Dress Healing Dancers at the J28, Idle No More Ontario Unity Event.

Funds raised will help to to cover the costs of:

Solid running shoes

Gas money for support vehicle and/or rentals

Food for Theland, drivers & support volunteers

Medicines (tobacco, sage)

Leftover money will go towards FSIS annual Oct 4th Ceremonies 2015