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The Conservative conference has been rescheduled. Now it's our turn to stand up and make our voices heard.

Join in Three Days of peaceful public action. This assembly coincides with the National policy convention of the federal Conservative party.

The Canada We Want is a three-day summit bringing together a coalition of Canadians advocating for democracy, the environment and Aboriginal treaty rights. The majority of Canadians value Human Rights, we care about people who are hurting, and we give millions in world aid. This is no different – it’s just closer to home. This is our country, our children’s future at risk.

The Conservative Party of Canada will be holding their National Convention. While this convention is going on, this coalition of Canadians will not be silent, waiting for others to make decisions affecting our lives. We will have information booths, presentations, rallies, demonstrations, entertainment, panels, teach-ins, and thought-provoking conversations. In keeping with the Indigenous traditions of inclusiveness, we are sharing knowledge to create change peacefully.

The duty to consult First Nations people is written into several laws, but is usually ignored and rarely enforced. The duty to consult is a part of the Constitution of Canada, through section 35 of the Constitution Act. This ‘Duty to Consult’ inadvertently protects the environment because Aboriginal people hold that Mother Earth is a living being. She is to be revered, respected, appreciated, protected, not destroyed and poisoned by greed, garbage and chemicals.

The small Hupacasath First Nation is standing up to the government’s refusal to follow its own laws. They are true warriors facing the bully Harper, trying to stop Canadians from making a huge mistake with staggering repercussions for the environment and Canada’s future.

By circumventing these provisions, the conservative government breaks Canadian law, endangering the Canadian environment, placing the lives of all Canadians at risk - in the name of short-sighted profit. This is a Human Rights attack that will drastically affect ALL Canadians, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

Find more information about the CPC convention at their link There they state:
The Constitution of the Conservative Party of Canada outlines that they hold a convention, and that delegates at the convention be responsible for:
Amending the Constitution;
Adopting and amending Party policy;
Electing a National Council

We genuinely believe that the vast majority of Canadians know that our cause is just and that when properly educated on these issues, they will make their voices heard, either in public or in the voting polls. This event is to do precisely that.

Please join us.

October 31, 2013 at 10am - November 03, 2013 October 31, 2013 at 10am - November 03, 2013
Exact location to be determined
Calgary, AB
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