Tar Sands/Idle No More Teach-in by Ramsey Sprague of Tar Sands Blockade

This teach-in is designed to illustrate the interconnectedness of the
tar sands struggle and the potential for growth of the environmental
justice movement therein.

Within the context of the current multinational corporatist economic
system and built around personal stories from the front lines this
teach-in seeks to succinctly explain:

What is tar sands?
Where does tar sands comes from?
How does tar sands get here?
Who wants tar sands?
Why do they want tar sands?
What communities are affected by tar sands?
How are communities affected tar sands?
Who/what is Idle No More?
Who/what is Tar Sands Blockade?
Who is already resisting tar sands here?
What more can be done here to help stop tar sands?
What role can Non-Violent Direct Action play?

Based around an informative and visually dynamic power point
presentation, the teach-in will follow with a Q&A, discussion, and the
development of action items that Pensacola residents can take to further
the dialogue surrounding tar sands in the region.

Ramsey Sprague, 30, was born in Houma, Louisiana and raised in
Arlington, Texas, with family throughout deep East Texas, Arkansas, and
the repeatedly devastated multicultural coast of Louisiana. With an
intimate, painful understanding of the landscapes fostered by
petrochemical fraud, he has served grassroots community organizations in
innumerable volunteer capacities and has held campaign direction roles
in peace, justice, environmental, and electoral reform groups.

Ramsey sees the tar sands struggle as an important catalyzing
opportunity to demonstrate a new consensus amongst systematically
disempowered communities throughout the Great Plains, the Gulf South,
and beyond.

Tar Sands Blockade is a coalition of affected Texas and Oklahoma
residents and climate justice organizers using peaceful and sustained
civil disobedience to halt the construction of TransCanada’s Keystone XL
tar sands pipeline.


July 07, 2013 at 5pm - 8pm

Will you come?