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I believe it's time, we in PEACE RIVER, ALBERTA CANADA have an idlenomore flash mob...if New Zealand can support the movement, if Turkey , Egypt, Columbia, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Washington, California, Australia, Nicaragua... if all these places an many more countries around the world an places across the continent can support the movement, if ALL or most of the Native communities can support the movement to save our treaty rights, to have a voice in protecting our water ways, rivers, lakes an marshlands, if these people from all over the world can have a voice in support, i think we in Peace River, Alberta can also show our support for the future of our children an their children's children.

There are now 6 elders that are willing to give up their lives for what they believe in. They all are on a hunger strike a hunger strike that is normally used in the most oppressive countries in the world as all other avenues to bring attention to the cause have failed. Our rights have been, since Harper came in to power, slowly gnawed away .. he has slowly taken away billions of dollars that were meant for our children an people on reserves, he is taking away our right to hunt an fish with bill C-45, he's giving the right to sell our reserve land to the highest bidder of foreign entities for drilling an oil, gas, forestry exploration. So this means, if someone on the reserve that was given land by the band and its in their name,they can sell it without consultation to the band and with the govt blessing.

As of Thursday, January 24th, 2013 Theresa Spence an Robinson have given up their 44 day hunger strike . They did this as they came to a 13 point Declaration of Committment agreement with the AFN, the opposition party the NDP an the liberal party. Also with the Native Council of various other agencies across Canada. would you all like to do this, gather first, then go for a walk an come back to the mall an do the round dance, or round dance first an go for a walk...

This bill, c-45 does not only affect the native people of canada, it also affects our non native brothers an siisters as well...and it also affects people around the world...everyone...

there will be a round dance to show support...

There will also be short talks by various people as to how they see Harpers decisions ... or on how they see Idle No More...

So come on out an support the movement that is capturing the true spirit of everyone around the world...

please share this with everyone on your list..The more the merrier..happy holidays everyone..

please make signs to show support for idlenomore an disagreeing with Harper an bill c-45

This is a peaceful event

June 22, 2013 at 2:30pm - 5:30pm
RiverFront park - peace river alberta
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Kimberly Julie Fed Uup Chick

Will you come?

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