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Idle No More has quickly become one of the largest Indigenous mass movements in Canadian history – sparking hundreds of teach-ins, rallies, and protests across Turtle Island and beyond. What began as a series of teach-ins throughout Saskatchewan to protest impending parliamentary bills that will erode Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections, has now changed the social and political landscape of Canada.

The National Day of Action on Dec. 10th, inspired thousands of people to action, committing themselves to ongoing resistance against neo-colonialism. In a few short months, Idle No More has become the center of media attention, drawing millions of people to our websites, twitter account and face book pages every day. It has also brought together a number of solidarity groups and allies looking to work against the current and pending governmental policy that impacts on collective rights, social safety nets, and environmental protections.

The impetus for the recent Idle No More events, lies in a centuries old resistance as Indigenous nations and their lands suffered the impacts of exploration, invasion and colonization. Idle No More seeks to assert Indigenous inherent rights to sovereignty and reinstitute traditional laws and Nation to Nation Treaties by protecting the lands and waters from corporate destruction. Each day that Indigenous rights are not honored or fulfilled, inequality between Indigenous peoples and the settler society grows.

This website seeks to provide ongoing information on the historical and contemporary context of colonialism, and provide an analysis of the interconnections of race, gender, sexuality, class and other identity constructions in ongoing oppression. This website also seeks to make visible what has often been untold - some of the powerful personal stories of those who have been moved by the spirit of Idle No More. Idle No More has provided hope and love at a time when global corporate profits rule. We invite everyone to join in this movement.

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    I think it’s time to put in the year, in which where events started in now… there might be some people that are interested in the movement would like accurate info. Cause, I don’t see a year beside the Dec. 10th… just saying…
  • rick zysk
    commented 2013-09-18 11:36:47 -0700
    I would agree things are all screwed up can not these people think?
  • Oliver Parfitt
    commented 2013-07-15 06:49:23 -0700
    To have a fighting chance in saving Mother Earth, we must set aside the differences and ideals of individual nations and become one nation. We must take a stand against greed and fulfill our role as custodians of the earth. For too long the voices of the First Nations across the world have been disregarded as nonsense to those that think they know better based on the status afforded to them by being part of western society. Now they have awoken with the realisation that they have a voice and the world is listening.

    The time of the Native has come, for the world to hear there song!
  • David Anderson
    commented 2013-07-05 12:32:00 -0700
    I would like to know why Mr Harper has put the pipeline through a very delicate eco system while having full knowledge of the implication’s that an accident could and would destroy a very important system. What i’m seeing is a money grab with no care or concern for the people and wild life that live in that area. From were I sit I do not see you being very honorable with the Canadian people that you represent. DJA
  • Brian Lavelle
    commented 2013-06-30 12:15:11 -0700
    The story is that IMN has captured the attention of the world with it’s existential defense of our common air and water. The Toronto drum circle was riveting and inspirational. Living in Minnesota, I can tell you it was refreshing to follow the Mississippi River Water Walk 2013 on Facebook. It was through postings on their site that I was introduced to the writings of Diabo, Simpson, and Taiaiake. Matter of fact, referance to ‘settler society’ suggests Alfred wrote this Story. Keep up the good work, the world is beginning to pay attention.