Standing in Solidarity with Colten Boushie's Family: Alberta



We will be gathering at the Edmonton Alberta Legislature grounds to stand in solidarity with Colten Boushie's family. We will stand for justice and healing. This event is open to anyone who is passionate about showing their support to Colten's family.

This gathering will be used to offer healing within our communities. Both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities must unite in order to move towards healing our past traumas. The past traumas that seem to have created a hostile environment here on Turtle Island, also known as Canada. The broken and toxic relations between "Settler Immigrants" and Indigenous Peoples need remediation, otherwise similar tragedies will continue to occur. Racism towards Indigenous People can be said to be woven in to the fabric of colonial Canada, and it is up to each and every one of US as community members to strive towards a healthy and just society for all of us now sharing this land.

Lets gather and share our prayers and positive words of encouragement to show our community that we are strong and resilient, and we will continue to do our best to create a better future for all children and youth. We will also have drummers on site to support us in offering our prayers of strength, resilience and healing. I truly believe that with unity, our communities will begin healing. 

Everyone is welcome to attend. It doesn't matter what part of this earth that your ancestors bones are, what matters now is that we are all here and we all want to share this land we politically refer to as Canada. We need all the Allies we can get, because with unity we can create safe spaces for our future generations to grow. Bring your kids, bring kohkum, your grandma, your moosom, your grandpa and even your cousins!! If you can, you can also bring a candle in case we run out.


February 16, 2018 at 6pm - 9pm
Alberta Legislature Building
10800 97 Ave NW
Edmonton, , AB T5K 2B6
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Will you come?