Saskatoon: National Day of Prayer - #HonortheApology

Saskatoon National Day of Prayer: Honor the Apology
July 25th at NOON
Vimy Memorial Bandshell -
Kiwanis Park, Spadina Cresent E
At noon on Thursday, July 25 at venues across the country, Canadians, newcomers, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples from all walks of life and religious denominations will reflect upon the impacts of Canada’s residential schools in a national moment of silence.
This day is calling on the federal government to release all documents pertaining to the residential schools in Canada IMMEDIATELY, and to work toward the end of continued violence toward Indigenous peoples in Canada.

In response to University of Guelph historian Ian Mosby published research that First Nations communities – and specifically thousands of children in residential schools – were unknowing subjects in biomedical experiments in malnourishment and hunger by federal government officials between 1942-52, we call on the federal government to honour its 2008 apology to the survivors of Residential Schools by immediately releasing all relevant documents to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

We are calling on all people of all faiths and backgrounds to attend and participate.

National event page:

July 25, 2013 at 12pm - 1pm
Vimy Memorial Bandshell
720 Spadina Cres E
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3G8
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