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Without legal protection, the AFN should have no mandate over our Unceded Nations

The story is in the news article at the link at the bottom. I am 'Wa̱h Wil Gyoo - Riley Caputo. I am an administrator of the Idle No More Kelowna Facebook page. I am Also a publisher on West Coast Native News. I work for the United Fishermen and Allied Workers' Union as a Union Organiser. The article I would like to be shared on an INM newsletter is an article that I have written. This article is import for two reasons, first is that it introduces people to the difference between Allodial Title (otherwise known as Radical Title, Original or Root Title, Underlying Title) and Canada's watered down interpretation of it called Aboriginal Title. Allodial Title is the most sacred right that we as Indigenous Peoples must protect by any means necessary. The second reason on why this article is important is that it explains why individual voting by band members is counter to protecting our Allodial Title for Unceded Nations without legal protection (proper non-derogation clause). This story’s submission is for any of the INM newsletters to come, so it could be on a later one when there may be less to choose from etc... Even though this has been written in an article already I believe this needs much more attention as most people are unaware of Allodial Title, and how easy it is to loose it, even accidentally (Janice A.G.E. Switlo explains at this link that Westbank First Nation may have accidentally surrendered Allodial Title when entering into an self-government agreement without a proper non-derogation clause protecting Allodial Title: . The link to the article I have written on WCNN that I wish to have on the INM Newsletter is at the following link: (the article may be altered for the newsletter to help get the info out in a way that seems more suitable in the newsletter to whomever is writing the INM newsletter, and this includes the title. Also the picture of me in the article may be used as well, and if you link facebook profiles to the stories in the newsletter you may link my account which is Thank you, In Solidarity 'Wa̱h Wil Gyoo - Riley Caputo