Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Robert Dierker. Added on: 12 February 2013. Location Northern Alberta
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Join two groups of young campaigners on an emotional journey exploring the human cost of the biggest industrial project on the planet. Canada’s tar sands cover an area the size of England & Wales combined and produce 3-5 times the emissions of conventional oil. Living in the heart of this are Canada’s First Nation communities whose lands and rights have been trampled on by the tar sands. The first is a group of student activists from the environmental campaign group People & Planet. They travel out to Alberta to stay with the indigenous Beaver Lake Cree Nation and see the tar sands and their impact first hand. The second group is two young members of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation who came to the UK to tell their story and build support for the campaign to end expansion of the tar sands.
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