Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Miranda Moran. Added on: 19 January 2013.
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Actress and activist Tantoo Cardinal reflects on the Idle No More movement and says generations have been misrepresented. This is a brilliant interview with a woman who has the long view of our collective history as Canadians.

On the movement: "I think it's terribly exciting and I liken it to a ground fire that's been smouldering for a long, long time, generations, generations. There are people who have committed their entire lives for better understanding, try to get some justice, to try to get some truth about what was signed, what was that agreement, what were the treaties, and they've been so misrepresented for generations. And the tactics used to make sure that the truth wasn't known, to look at what's been taught in the schools, what's been put into people's minds..well and people know now, and it's fairly recent knowledge what was done with our communities, children taken away, leaving parents with no children to raise, leaving grandparents with no place to feed their wisdom, and then those children, aside from all the abuse and malignment that went on, being taught that their heritage, where they come from, was of the devil. So the church was involved, the government was involved, the corporations were involved. It was a three legged stool..."
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