Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Miranda Moran. Added on: 04 February 2013.
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Earth Hour 2013, 8:30 PM Saturday 23 March. Earth Hour has grown from a one-city initiative in 2007 to the world's largest campaign for the planet, uniting hundreds of millions of people across 7001 cities and towns in 152 countries and territories.

The official 2013 video features the track "Without You" by David Guetta and Usher, providing an upbeat soundtrack to match the celebration of this year's event across the world. Earth Hour's mission is to unite people to protect the planet, so go beyond the hour and upload your I Will If You Will challenge to Dare the World to Save the Planet.

'Without You' performed by David Guetta feat. Usher
Courtesy of What A Music Ltd
Under licence from EMI Music Australia Pty Limited

(Crus/Guetta*/Love/Riesterer*/Tuinfort/Usher) ©Rister Editions / What A Publishing Limited. Administered by J Albert & Son Pty Limited. Used with permission

Special thanks to:
ESA/NASA, WWF-UK, WWF International, WWF-Philippines/ Dani Bautista, WWF-China, WWF-Brasil, WWF-Indonesia/ Earth Hour Pontianak, Jerex Photographics, Miranda Kerr / KORA Organics, EWS-WWF UAE, WWF-Canada, WNF/ WWF Netherlands, Claudia Bahamon, Isabel Lucas, Sungshin Girl's High School Korea, Greenpeace International, Facebook Live and all of the Earth Hour community who provided footage for this video.
Miranda Moran
Just had a great thought I want to share:

What if Idle No More, unions, activist, women, children,youth, elders, seniors, environmentalist, everyone, have a Global Strike on Earth Hour Day March 23, 2013.

It could be job action, turn off power and energy for example 24 hours from midnight to midnight, don't spend money that day, walk instead of drive, all kinds of peaceful things you can think of.

Have drums at noon, flash mob, rallies, environmental activities, strike with unions, show case the youth talent at rallies, these are just examples of what you could do.

Why should everyone participate? This would send a strong message that we will not be Idle No More and that we care about the environment. It would also show the government that money is not as important as they think it is. The environment is worth everything.
143 days ago
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