Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: v0nd0ll0. Added on: 09 February 2013.
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Song - Inglorious (Idle No More)
Band - Jasper - Matthew Jesus Miller
Video Editing - Shane Powless
Footage - The People

Matthew Jesus Miller
"I can't help but feel that aboriginal people are on the verge of a profound history making event ... like something on the scale of the million man march in Washington.... never in my life have I seen or felt amongst aboriginal people such a strong sense of pride & unity on a national and global scale.... whatever the future brings, whether it be positive or negative, I believe in one way or another it will be a catalyst for positive change and greater things for us as aboriginal people. "

"These are the thoughts I was having after I played a show in Ottawa a few weeks ago for the Chief Spence camp fundraiser and then visted the Chief Spence camp the following day on Victoria Island... and it is these thoughts that inspired me to write the song "Inglorious (Idle No More)"
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