Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Devon Meekis. Added on: 08 January 2013. Location Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Kianwe of F.A.M.
Beat and hook by DJ Corbett of Black Light Productions

Just a demo, keep an eye out for the real version coming soon.
Devon Meekis
I'm a phoenix. watch me rise from the ashes
above the doubts, shake off the lashes
beaten down but I remain, let me refrain
my body and my brain, sound and sane
so I stroll on, cocky, get my roll on
petal down, all out, I'm full on
nish going kamikaze, killer in another realm
my street be elm, dream and be overwhelmed
by the truth, walk a mile in my moccasins
cripple me as you will I'll still rock a win
get some oxygen, I'm livin at heights you'll never attain
maintain the sacred flame, I'm the bringer of the rain
I'm the just, the legend of the equalizer
rides on change, makes wisdom get wiser
I've got the weight of the worlds held in my sway
brave lost in the dark but I'm gonna be ok

I grew up, never belonging anywhere
only colored family in town so kids beware
50s style of racism, asked to eat in the kitchen
watch my dad lose jobs cuz the whites be bitchin
can't have an indian in charge of the white folk
play the right way and you won't get smoked
no joke, bomb threats and constant vigilance
police escort to protect my innocence
can't retaliate cuz I'd be the one to go to the pen
can't sleep at night cuz we'd split up to hide from the men
killing our pets and stalking us both night and day
I walked through fires and I know that I'm gonna be ok
169 days ago
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