Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Devon Meekis. Added on: 08 January 2013. Location Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Kianwe of F.A.M.
featuring Mya Meekis
Beat by Crysiss

Don't get too judgmental, it's just a demo. The final version will be coming out on our upcoming CD.
Devon Meekis
I got so much shine I'm the sun above the clouds
I'll say it loud, I'm red and I'm proud
got so much skills you have to segregate me
make me a mystery so society will hate me
lock me away, make it impossible to learn
unless I leave my world for any number of terms
but we spreading like germs, you all better get back
trying to make me reliant on those government kick backs
sit back and let me tell you a story
about a race that was taken from their glory
nah I'll just tell you how we're coming back
track after track, the talent's finally being tapped
not just music but this is how we using it
yeah, my flow's strong but don't be confusing it
as my only gift, my only way to uplift
this is the last warning before the earth shifts

Yeah, the shift is coming
it's coming in the form of knowledge
we tired of getting kicked around and ignored
it's time we rise up and take our rightful place in this new world
there ain't gonna be no thanksgiving feast this time
we here to take ours and I'm gonna take mine
you know what I'm saying?

Bring us back
take us right back
get us back
to the way we used to be (X2)

It's a new day
things of old are thrown away
I have a dream of my own
of livin in a world where my kids can grow
and become whatever they want to be
a world where they're not shackled by the ignorance
of the past and of others
but can live their dreams cuz they know those dreams can come true

Coming hard across your face like a bannock slap
You don't know rap, you'd best believe that
I'm coming with the tomahawk, arrows and the war club
all coming together with the simplicity of an over dub
you gotta scrub your ears, remove that wax
cuz we lacks the facts, but the tracks don't lax
we attacks the mainstream with the power of a laser beam
Natives come on all sides to join my team
So come on and scream, clap, stomp and yell
Time is ticking and I can hear the bell
and the bell tolls man, it tolls for you
we coming at the man, cuz his time is through
get ready at the gates it's almost time to charge
cuz we overdue for our million man march
and we march to the beat of drums, jingles and rifts
this is your last warning before the earth shifts

welcome to the new world, the new earth
welcome my people to their new birth
shake off those chains that held generations past
it's time a red man truly meant that he was free at last
169 days ago
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