Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Evie. Added on: 10 February 2013. Location Cowichan (Duncan) BC
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Its mister anti-government, pay no tax and im loving it,
for my indiginous rights im a stand up and fight for the earth
the water the government will sluaghter, proof is in the history
forestry fisheries war criminal history, this part really gets to me
terrorism with the small pox i can go non stop all day
how the government took it their way
war witth the government is suicide
proven genocide, lets do this yeah lets ride, show em all
this canadian pride yell it in a stadium, im
proud to be canadian, bout to go to war....just playing trick
this is Idle No More!

if you want the land to thrive then kill bill c-45
without water how we gone survive?

its hard to break the law when you make it
idle no more are we gonna take this?
They bend the constitution to bring in pollution
here lemme sneak this bill in
save and make us Billions pfftt whos gonna
listen to BCB? look at the history of BP
The damage it did to the sea
then they take down trees to put in a pipeline!
idle no more this is fight time! let us all be
in the right mind, power to the people
to kick out the evil
democracy is a hipocracy self fulfilled prophecy
green house gases, Hah
betcha another bill passes
to stop all us rappers to kick all this knowledge
this government is a problem
idle no more this is how we solve em!!

if you want the land to thrive then kill bill c-45
without water how we gone survive?

these elected officials invest in militant weapons
and missiles, to protect the oil
they do what they want on our soil
lets show em whos boss! stand up and fight no matter the cost
we got nuttin but time mister prime minister!
they aint no friend to yah, coward in the politics
lets him all where the wallet is,
these political cowards have politcal powers,
that betray our rights, the time is now stand up and fight
even if it takes all night! haahaa yeah
i rep one nation on the mic, standing
in a rally feeding off the hype!
and i come from Coast Salish British Columbia aight
hence the name is BCB!!
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