Friday, June 28, 2013
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Uploaded By: Haida People. Added on: 18 January 2013. Location British Columbia
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The other night I was up late working on two projects that I really needed to complete...I was unable to concentrate and ended up getting writers block, then became so stumped that I needed some time to myself. I decided to make a cup of green tea to sip on while I relaxed and started to meditate.

During my relaxation, I generally record my thoughts or stop and write them down if I think that they may be important to me...I just do this for future reference while brainstorming ideas for projects etc. When I came back to life after relaxation, I started to play back some of my recording while I lay back listening to a few tunes. My head got all weird and full of mind chatter. I never really felt that way before...

To get it all out of my head, I started to lay down a mixed track of all my recorded words and started to arrange them into a type of the end I added some sounds and recorded music and came up with a re-mix. Then today I was enjoying the news on TV and was watching a segment about Canada's First Nations communities and the Idle No More Movement.

I decided to mix some video and add my track to a compilation of may think that this video has nothing to do with Idle No More, well that is where you are mistaken. This video is dedicated to Idle No More, all the First Nations involved from across Canada, the founding members of Idle No More and the new website located at

This video and music was put together in the hopes that all of Canada will join in for a higher purpose to help create a positive end resolve to many issue surrounding each and every First Nations person whether they live on or off reserve, or if they hold status or not.

What is your purpose in life?

Watch and listen to this YouTube right to the end, open your mind, hear the may feel something that could help change history if you decide to act on that feeling right now.

Get involved Idle No More is for all peoples of Canada, everyone.
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