Photos from action: Hey CN this is Indian Land!

CN Rail recently showed up at a First Nations water ceremony to serve a respected community member with an injunction. The blessing was supposed to take place on the tracks and was called off by the Elders, but that did not stop CN from interrupting the ceremony with threats and intimidation. This is a threat to everything we have fought for: our ceremonies, our right to be on our land, and the right to be treated with respect. 

The following photos were taken on April 19th across the land to remind CN how many of our territories they pass through, and, of how many of us First Nations there actually are.


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  • jim shanks
    commented 2015-04-20 13:45:46 -0700
    Reeeaalllyyy! Do you remember that the railways owe, from 1941 to now for use of the lands for their tracks to Banff National Park to the Lakotas? Did you know that rail is limited to 15ft on either side of a track and that is mainly for safety. Why have none of us!!! not taken a careful accounting of the amounts of monies owed for passage through Our Lands? Again, this all goes back to what I have discovered and spent the last 2 years researching. It is very easy to stop the rails! It is very easy to remove any CANADIAN GOVERNMENT, it is easy to collect on past debts or repossess the Lands!