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Pam Palmater interview and talk on Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Girls

Videos: 12-minute interview and 73-minute talk with Pam Palmater discussing root causes / historical context, the current situation and public discourse, and furthering the urgent call for both a national inquiry and an emergency action plan on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada.

Watch them here:

"So the reason why I’m talking about Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls today is because Canada is killing our people, and if Canadians don’t stand up and stand beside us and stand in partnership with us, more people are going to die.”

pam_photo_2.jpgDr Pam Palmater is a Mi’kmaw lawyer from Eel River Bar First Nation and holds the position of Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University. Pam was one of the spokespeople, organizers and educators for the Idle No More movement and is a well-known social justice advocate.

The talk was titled “The Law’s Role in Canada’s Disgrace: Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Girls” and was part of the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession – Speaker Series.

From Tuesday February 24, 2015 in Ottawa, unceded Algonquin territory. Interview and filming by Greg Macdougall,

ALSO: the podcast of the talk (55-minutes, without the Q&A at the end) is available at