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On September 12, 2016, Zachary Runningwolf was arrested for alleged "vandalism" two days earlier during a march in solidarity with the ongoing national prison strike movement. Since then he has been held in prison for over three weeks - prior to sentencing - with bail set at $50,000. This brazen form of election interference has kept Runningwolf from attending at least three mayoral events so far, and will keep him from attending more to come. On September 29, Santa Rita changed his holding location at precisely the "wrong time", keeping him from attending his hearing scheduled that morning and delaying it by another four days, further hindering him from being able to participate in mayoral events. Since then, Runningwolf has been on hunger strike to protest his absurdly high bail of $50,000, the state's tactics of delay & election interference, and the injustice and oppression of the prison system more generally. Santa Rita responded to his hunger strike with another case of administrative manipulation, once again preventing Runningwolf from attending his hearing, delaying it another four days. October 5th marks the 7th day of Zachary Runningwolf's hunger strike.