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one activists journey down the road of prejudism

Open letter to Idle No More OFFICIAL If this letter stings with facetiousness its supposed to show contempt with your brand of racism.Which is just like the other kind you dislike ,they feel the same.I believe in the MM2WI being exceedingly full and any penalties if perpetrators found be the harshest possible and no one not the pigs no one who needs be called to task for that be left out of it and in the fair treatment of treaty claims and land rights And i believe our government should stop wasting money on lawyers paid to hold this justice at bay I believe an apology from the catholics and the government is meaningless without harsh penalty and taking the vattican to the hague for genocide should be the push not some meaningless drivel from a worthless politico , I believe if social workers absolutly must take a child they should be housed in their community with FN peoples ,i believe FN students have a right to as much money invested as every non reserve school and I believe you should be entitled to self governance and control of all unceded regions proven unceded and so do ALL my WHITE friends,but I believe a claim in the sky one day is no substitute for hard work and food now.I believe activism comes with responsibility and that word is altruism .And I believe you are hurting a rightceous movement you don't own The FN movement because you are only a FB page and are pandering for members and allowing a clear breach of your mission statement . You denied access to your Official Idle No More page from a group page MVPs based on the fact wrongly that your people may post prejudice and yes RACIST statements as long as they are against Caucasians as a blanket group .Your page is as racist as those you fight because of stereotypical use of the word whites in tandem with hate speech .I am not an advocate for Caucasian people but all people as I am a humanist a concept well past your blame whitey stance and your mission statement says you will remove all prejudicial statements , but you only remove those made by non FN peoples , this is clearly against your own policies as well as the clause on fostering support among allies which for 2 years our page has carried your stories and done just that allied with your page and your struggle .But our opinion of discrimination includes everyone and yours doesn't something you wish to continue in breach . .You need to focus your anger and blame at those in fact who've been in a position of power and used that against you .Those 1% ers and energy companies and mines that steal your rights that hold the power over all Canadians not just the FN people. Few Caucasian people in our country actually have a hand in any type of decision making of policy to have effect on your lives negatively in fact quite the reverse they can have a voice in demanding justice on your behalf . But stereotypical blanketing all whites as thieves of your land is counter-intuitive to the support and indignation of many of those Caucasians that are daily disparaged on your pages with comments like fucking white people and white peoples problems. The government of the days these things began was almost entirely English and french ,how that translates to blame and prejudiced remarks that include Italians , greeks ,danes ,norweigians ,slavs ,poles ,germans ,icelanders,finns,Swedes etc etc etc who simply did not benifit nor have a hand in your Demise ,or residential schools and broken treaties .You only care about your discrimination but have about 100000 members who can at any given time choose a scapegoat group as all WHITEs at fault which is poor politics, and a poor example for your children .Blanket blame of any human ,white , or of color is as shamefull and seems to be allowed and in fact fostered because you wouldnt have members without the hate.I have never had to stand up for my race and am my wholly uncomfortable with it because as a Buddhist I deny that there is even more than one race a fact science has proven this past year conclusively and named the different races as a made up thing that does not exist exept from the mind of the naturalist from europe who first coined the terms.Only one race exists and differences in peoples are only the result of the different environments that people of the world lived in and have concluded there is no difference in DNA as such that wouldn't also be i atribe of caucasians were living in Africa for 2500 years .Thu-sly I believe that which science has proven not one persons skin should be able to be an issue of mention and making any mention of it is Prejudice in all cases.I still believe in the righteousness of the FN struggle as it is of course a search for justice and your tiny little insignificant prejudiced FB group doesn't own that struggle, for justice denied is the struggle of all right thinking people of the earth I work very hard with my at risk homeless youths art group which incidentally I personally fund 100% to the tune of 6000$ per year and 400 personal free hours and we are as one voice the FN struggle and are colorblind to all things relating to skin palor and melatonin and it is banned from mention by vote of all shades of students and In 10 years I can never remember anyone using the word white red or even Indian as a descriptive pregorative because of one rule on one sign. Respect expected and given to all. And if an issue comes out that can;t be calmly resolved in an orderly manner the rule is the student feeling the stigmatization only has to point to the sign and its simply over . Your groups (the facebook group Idle no More not the First Nations )struggle is tainted and taints the very essence of justice you claim because prejudiced justice is also not justice .I urge you to join the rest of the 21st century's right thinkers in true inclusiveness and put a moratorium on your corruption of truth for it does not belong to you a group of computer users ,illiterate in the actual essence of the hunt for fair and right treatment of humans in any shade. As far as I know our group is the only one with a right to the moral high ground havings dozens of nationalities of all shades paticipate equally with dignity and never any disparity because of where they were from or who they were. Compared to my youths you FB activists are Neandertals philosophicily speaking wise and your site administrator is simply not qualified as evident in an inability to follow and contribute in an intelligent and meaningful way to anything as complex and simple as right and wrong . I understand the anger felt at the injustices served upon your nations and feel that boiling up in my blood often when I witness unfair treatments by government and citizens alike towards people marginalized and brutalized since confederation but using white and blaming whitey simply serves no interest worth fighting for and can simply never be won that way .Ghandi you are not . I have taught over 1000 students and fed them every class for 52 weeks a year for 10 and a half years ,out of pocket and all their supplies are near proffesional artist quality the same grade I as a proffesional artist use my only assistance is one Gwich'in girl from Yellow knife I have taught 5 years ,never held a brush when I asked her to join the program and she was in trouble ,was homeless and addicted in a violent alchohol fueled relationship to clean and in a battered youth girls shelter to her own appartment on welfare to a job i got her with horses and 4 art shows under her belt and a now healthy relationship her boyfriend a scholarship culinary student to last evening a play she co wrote, directed and stared in ,with an all street youth cast,with singing opened at a local big time theater in vancouver ,she has been the art program volunteer two years now and just started volunteering where i teach painting to disabled people once a week and was just sighned on at the gordon neighborhood house to do her own art workshop at the request of the House director personally which doubtlessly will mean she will eventually be an employee for them regularly soon if thats not actually beneath her skill set .Not taking anything away from what is a truely uniquely gifted child and now a womanof 23 .I had a hand in all thes steps as she has become as a daughter in many ways .And she's one , I help them all to find jobs or get them out of jail write them endless letters for good things, like employment ,housing ,schools ,write them letters for judges and crown councel , I find them work usually with racehorses with trainers I know from my work ,I councell them through tough times and good ones too because arts how i get them into the room the goal is some stability ,homes,health and self esteem . I am not a rich man but I am a smart one ,I work 11 full shifts /week 9.5 months a year straight with no days off. I have no staff the budget is what I can earn at 4 jobs the first at 5 am 270 straight days no days sick no holidays save 2.5 months I only work 2 jobs . I believe in a philosophy of personal socialism ,ie choosing something to help people and making it happen.I did at one time do this among other social workers but they actually don't work and never manage to do anything of consequence other than chat to each other to get through hrs so I quit and started my own thing , The only help I have gotten until just this september 20th is Gordon Neighborhood House gives me the room free instead of he cost which would be $400/month and sept 20th they started feeding the youths a hot meal usually rice and something or chili, saving me about half my food budget which is nice and they just informed me they wrote and got a grant so the kids can have their own art show December 12th -15th for the first time they all get to show No one has ever not assumed I am a native man as I appear that way ,I look how I look and none of us are able to change what our DNA gave us ,and I have felt the sting of violence , discrimination ,condemnation,assumption ,been arrested or jacked up by the police for "walking while Native"as well as beaten by them , I have been refused service of even a pop in bars and as a Buddist I don't drink anyway and I'm sure a lot of other discriminations unknown to me , the appartment not rented to the job interview not succesfuleven not believed when being truthful as another paler person lies and wins i am a Pure Danish Norweigian of four Canadian Generations , I have 7 half Kootenai cousins and two full Kootenai uncles who never spoke a day in their life about anything taken from them and were great guys to me and never called me white and worked their farms hard every day from first to last light .I am born in the Kooteneys and raised on a farm amidst a daily ritual of abusive violent catholic parents, hard work and no love other than my two siblings and my horse .Up at 5 to take care of horses to hitching to town for sports practice .I put myself through college with 3 jobs while playing two sports .I know what bad things happen because the appearance of skin color it never so much as slowed me down since I hitched a ride with 10$ two days after high school graduation ,you so called activists judge me as you sit and type as a contribution to your world ,I deny you that right to sit in bruised humility over me as if suffering is exclusive to you and my point of view that skin melatonin is not a means to victimize and vilify to another person ,sure I may be white but in my case its on the inside so really I'm debating the issue on behalf of essentially my abusers and denyers not because they are white but because the use of it as a means to single out or group together is wrong and that can't be argued around as to whether one is racism in your case and one prejudice in mine .I'm only white on the internet were you here I'm as likely brown as you , could I make my arguement in person and get the FN waiver for being able to discriminate .if you assumed what you would until you like every native ever asked what band I am from and I say and laugh I'm from the viking ones .Anyways i was going to shitcan your page anyway because the youths aren't exposed to to any prejudice in my program not your and not mine You are prejudiced quite often and I was always blocking or hiding your members posts and comments although we shared many hundreds of them that were just.We the group deny you judgement and find you to be racist and not appropriate for youths of any palor or shade in a fight you can't win anyway with that weak plan. And the administrator couldn't carry my lunch never mind keep up in a debate on race relations and theory.Possibly some of your "activists should put down the bonbons get some boots and join in the real fight for these kids which is out there . I am 50 years old I can help kids, 20 more years if a horse doesn't hurt me ,my job is dangerous . These kids some are yours,you know the ones you don't care for or feed because thats who I get %30 are native throw aways , beaten and molested primed for going to be criminals ,thugs ,prisoners and corpses.. Man up and Parent show them who to be without hate and racism oh excuse me prejudice riiiight .3 of yours died with us in the last 3 years two cree and one dene .I was probably more broken up than their folks , I saw them more. One was taught by his aunties in winnipeg to steal meat at ten and sell rock at 12 and at 15 he was an addict at 20 sleeping in vancouver streets at 22 Ivan was gone and not even resting with family because they were 3000 miles away I was here to cry for him with his artist friends. He could really draw too. You parent and I don't need your shitty site to teach them the good fight or to mourn him. His ashes are by siwash rock alongside stanley park where its like he never was. And he really wasn't if you judge life by its quality.Very breif flashes at happiness was what he had . Craig Hansen MVPainters Director /Funder and Instructor