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Fracking Immunity: Holding regulators accountable

By Anna Maria Tremonti - CBC (Photo Credit AP/Brennan Linsley)

Jessica Ernst says she could light her water on fire as it came out of the tap from her well in rural Rosebud, Alberta. She blames hydraulic fracturing or fracking for her problems but her attempts to sue Alberta's Energy Regulator have hit a snag: the regulator has immunity.

Listen now on CBC.


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Court lifts SWN's injunction on Elsipogtog!

Solidarity with Mi’Kmaq Nation

Yesterday and today we celebrate with Elsipogtog First Nation after the Court of Queen’s Bench decision to lift Southwestern Energy's (SWN) injunction! This injunction was filed by the Texas based company to end the blockade protecting Mi’kmaq traditional territory from fracking.

For the last three years, the Mi'kmaq people in New Brunswick have proclaimed their right to consultation regarding shale gas exploration, commonly known as “fracking”, and have been part of a series of peaceful actions to protect their unceded territory.  On Thursday Oct 18th, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) violently attacked their peaceful encampment.


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48 Elsipogotg Anti-Fracking Solidarity Actions

48 Elsipogtog Anti-Fracking Actions and Events are confirmed and many more are being organized! Check the list below or view them all on a map

If you know of other events please add them. If you don’t see an event in your area organize one!


Solidarity Events and Actions:

1. Elsipogtog: Blockade - Route 134



2. Ottawa:  Elsipogtog Solidarity - Ottawa, Unceded Algonquin Territories


3. Ottawa:  Sit in on the Parliament Hill in support of our Mi’kmaq family

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30 Actions in Solidarity with Mi'kmaq Anti-Fracking Protest!

Our Mi'kmaq relatives need our support. Members of the Elsipogtog First Nation and supporters of the Anti-Shale, Anti-Fracking Nonviolent Action in New Brunswick (Canada) were under attack today because of state-initiated violence by the RCMP. Idle No More denounces this state violence and calls out to all of our supporters GLOBALLY to light your sacred fires or other peaceful actions to show support and alliance with the people of New Brunswick.

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Solidarity with Mi'kmaq Anti-Fracking Actions

Our Mi'kmaq relatives need our support. Members of the Elsipogtog First Nation and supporters of the Anti Shale, Anti Fracking Non Violent Action in New Brunswick (Canada) are in crisis. Idle No More is calling out to all of our supporters GLOBALLY to light your sacred fires or other ceremonial actions to show support and alliance with the people of New Brunswick. They are currently under direct threat of civil and military discipline by both RCMP and other outside military forces. Settlers and Indigenous protestors and Warriors have been subjected to violent action from the police for their participation in a legitimate peaceful non violent action defending their lands and asserting their sovereign duty to protect the land and the people. Click here to take action in solidarity or text "solidarity" to 306-994-7009     (Photo credit Ossie Michelin)

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NEB Hearings start in Toronto today, here's what they won't be hearing

Lyn Adamson, 416-731-6605 Lyn Adamson

A banner drop and a series of gaged protestors demonstrated what is being left out of the National Energy Board (NEB) hearings that are taking place this week in Toronto. The subject of the hearings is Enbridge's Line 9 reversal and expansion proposal, which would allow the company to ship tar sands bitumen from Sarnia to Montreal. Groups today protested the fact that the hearings have explicitly banned discussion of upstream and downstream impacts of the pipeline reversal and expansion, which would allow the tar sands to expand production and refining.

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Indigenous Nations Are at the Forefront of the Conflict With Transnational Corporate Power That Affects Us All

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers , Truthout Photo Credit: Stephen Downes

On Monday, October 7, 2013, indigenous nations and their allies held 70 actions throughout the world proclaiming their sovereignty. The call to action was issued by Idle No more and Defenders of the Land to coincide with the 250th anniversary of the British Royal Proclamation of 1763, which was the first document in which an imperial nation recognized indigenous sovereignty and their right to self-determination. As we wrote last week, treaties with First Nations are not being honored, and even the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples does not adequately recognize the sovereignty of indigenous peoples.

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Resistance to Columbus Day and Other Idle No More October Events!

The Idle No More Global Day of Action on Oct. 7th was a huge success - thousands of people stood together in solidarity at over 70 actions and events across the world!! Idle No More organizers want to sincerely thank our many supporters for your amazing energy in helping us to continue to build this movement, and educate the public regarding Indigenous self-determination and sustainability.    Check out these amazing #Oct7Proclaim photos!

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Idle No More Supports National Coming Out Day!

Colonialism reinforces violence and oppression such as homophobia, transphobia, racism and sexism. Idle No More is committed to decolonizing practices which challenge these oppressions and validates queer identities, gender self determination and body sovereignty.

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Police racism at the Oct 7th Idle No More Montreal Rally

Idle No More organizers are requesting action against the racism that was directed at and inflicted upon a peaceful protest in Montreal. On the anniversary of the 1763 Royal Proclamation, the Montreal police took down and destroyed a tipi that community members had set up as part of the Idle No More Global Day of Action. According to witnesses, police did not attempt any negotiations and moved into the camp, pushing aside a group of Aboriginal women who were gathered around the tipi. Idle No More organizer Melissa Mollen-Dupris describes the event:

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