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Emergency ! Solidarity For Life Of Guarani-kaiowà

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Guarani Kaiowá communities of the border between Brazil and Paraguay are seriously threatened, despite constitutional rights, the Convention 169 of the ILO, that Brazil had signed in 2002, the sponsors of the industrial agribusiness and monocultures, supported by the police and the Brazilian government want to evict these communities after March 16. In complete violation of the laws and surely with a maximum risk to cause dozens of deaths, the Brazilian government and agribusiness entrepreneurs continue with the idea of stripping all native peoples from their ancestral lands.

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Action 8: Mourning Star #FreeWestPapua

Action 8: Mourning Star - #‎FreeWestPapua" attracted the largest community of performers and supporters; we came together to demonstrate solidarity for the people West Papua at Auckland's iconic #‎PasifikaFestival on Saturday 14 March 2015. After five public 'interruptions' in the Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands and on the periphery of the Aotearoa village, the women turned heads, opened eyes, engaged hearts and minds... thank you....

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The Saami Manifesto 15: Reconnecting Through Resistance

by Niillas Holmberg and Jenni Laiti
All Photos by Johannes Samuelsson

Sápmi, our homeland, has been colonized and exploited. We, the Saami people, have been dislocated and disconnected from the land and from each other. We are struggling to hold on to the remains of our self-determination, our territorial and cultural rights. Without having the rights to exist and determine our future, we are unable to live as a distinct society. Sápmi encompasses northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. The Saami people are the only Indigenous people in Europe. However, our Indigenous rights remain unrecognized and the Saami issues are still not taken seriously on national political agendas. A result of this situation is that we are not living; we struggle to survive.

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Raoni's Canadian Tour

Community Call out for Solidarity & Support for Raoni & Bemoro's fight to Protect the Amazon Rainforest

Requested by Judy DaSilva of Grassy Narrows


bemoro___raoni.jpgRaoni Metuktire is known to the world simply as Raoni. Chief Raoni of the Kayapo people, a Brazilian Indigenous peoples from the plain lands of the Mato Grosso and Pará is known around the world for his active resistance to the Amazon Rainforest deforestation and industrialization.

Right now there is a big hydro dam being built which is called Belo Monte. This dam threatens to destory the forest where the Kayapo and many other indigenous groups are located.  It will destroy the  Xingu River which gives life to the forest and the ones who inhabit the forest including the animals, numerous rare plants and birds.

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World Water Day March 22nd

World Water Day - Sunday, March 22nd 2015


#LoveNibi #InTheNameOfTheMother #LoveWater


"The Water is sick and people need to really fight for that water, to speak for that water, to love that water." - Josephine Mandamin, Grandmother, Water Walker


Video posted on YouTube by UPLIFT 

Below is a list of Indigenous Women Led World Water Day Events:

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Grassy Narrows Protestors Remain Firm in Message: No Logging in Grassy Narrows Territory


March 16, 2015


Youth and Elders joined by Grassy Narrows Drum Groups for public demonstrations at Weyerhaeuser, MNR, and Kenora Forest Products

Kenora—Today, Members of Grassy Narrows First Nation—Youth groups, Band Councilors, Drum Groups, Elders and others—are engaging in a multi-stage protest against logging in their territory.

People from Grassy Narrows First Nation are demonstrating to remind the Province and Logging Industry that Grassroots People from Grassy Narrows remain firm in their commitment to protect the land from industrial logging, and to demand that the Province remove all lands in Grassy Narrows Traditional Territory from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s (MNRF) Whiskey Jack Forest Management Unit, and that Weyerhaeuser and Kenora Forest Products (KFP) publicly commit to not taking any wood from Grassy Narrows Traditional Territory.

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#INMroots Indigenous Voices Rising from Selma to Whangarei

Welcome to #INMroots Number Four!  The goal of the #INMroots newsletter is to share news stories that promote Indigenous rights and sovereignty and the protection of land and water. The newsletter will share our stories and actions, and honour resistance, while celebrating the world that we are protecting.

INMroots Newsletter ImageWe are all invited to add to this newsletter. Post your story now!The deadline for the next newsletter is midnight on Sunday March 15th. We will accept all submissions that are connected to Indigenous and environmental issues as long as they do not condone or promote violence or lateral violence or include hate speech.  


The next newsletter will be published on Monday March 23rd, so check your inboxes!


If you see a news story on your social media networks that is worth sharing, please tag #INMroots.

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Quetzal Co-op in Phoenix

Quetzal Co-op - Indigenous Peoples Commerce Cooperative

"Taste of Justice in Every Cup"

Abya-Yala.jpgBeginning in January of 1996, following in the tradition of ancestral trade routes that once spanned the continent, QuetzalCo-op began marketing coffee from indigenous coffee cooperatives in Chiapas, Mexico. The project was birthed amid the bloodshed of the armed uprising of the EZLN, Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional in Chiapas Mexico on January 1, 2004 that brought worldwide attention to the historical injustices institutionalized across Mexico in violation of the human rights and basic human dignity of the Indigenous Peoples, specifically the Maya of Chiapas.  January of 1994 marked the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiated among the governments of Canada-USA-Mexico without any consideration for the human rights of Indigenous Peoples, specifically the right to COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTon our own terms as Peoples, equal to all other peoples.

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Mount Polley Mine: ‘Indigenous Law’ Will Now Be Enforced


Photo By Janice Billy

Story By Jan Lee

Triple Pundit

”One thing I want to make perfectly clear is this policy isn’t a wish-list,” said Jacinda Mack when the policies were announced. Mack serves as the the council coordinator for the Secwepemc Nation. “This is Indigenous law.”

The 55-page document spells out in specific terms the responsibilities of the mining company and the rights of the First Nation to oversee and enforce those guidelines. It invokes the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights to define the Native peoples’ right to “determine and develop priorities and strategies for the development or use of their lands or territories and other resources.” It also defines its right to close the mine and evict mining companies as it sees fit."

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Coastal Guardian Watchmen confront armed trophy hunters to save grizzlies

Screen_shot_2015-03-07_at_7.27.10_PM.pngPhoto By Doug Neasloss / Kitasoo/Xai'xais Nation

Story by Mychaylo Prystupa

Vancouver Observer

"Patrolling up and down British Columbia's coast with binoculars are a group of dedicated First Nations volunteers that boat right up to armed hunters, often American, in their vessels to dissuade them from killing at-risk grizzlies just for sport. 

Called the Coastal Guardian Watchmen, they urge unsuspecting trophy hunters to halt their pursuit of grizzlies as insensitive to First Nations culture, and against tribal law"

To Read More Check out the Story in the Vancouver Observer HERE

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