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Hawaii Gov. Announces Construction Stand Down On Sacred Mauna Kea

by Mauna Kea Protectors - Intercontinental Cry

APRIL 7, 2015 - We applaud Governor Ige for stepping forward to take some kind of action in this crisis.

His call for a one-week halt to TMT’s construction is a victory for the Mauna Kea Protectors, clear evidence that he recognizes the worldwide groundswell of public support we have for halting further desecration of our sacred mountain. Mahalo, Governor Ige.

However, it is not enough to pause for a week. We need a commitment from the Governor or TMT to stop the desecration until our legal appeals can work their way through the courts to the State Supreme Court.

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Stop Adani Destroying Our Land And Our Culture

By Adrian Burragubba

We, the Wangan and Jagalingou people, are the TRADITIONAL OWNERS of the land in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. Coal company Adani wants to use our ancestral lands for their Carmichael coal mine.

We do hereby firmly REJECT a Land Use Agreement with Adani for the Carmichael mine on our traditional lands.

We DO NOT consent to the Carmichael mine on our ancestral lands.

We DO NOT accept Adani’s “offers” to sign away our land and our rights and interests in it. We will not take their “shut up” money.

We will PROTECT and DEFEND our Country and our connection to it.

We call on Adani to IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW from this damaging project on our land.

Read more and sign the petition here.

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Yanomami of Brazil Honor Return of Stolen Blood

By Rick Kearns - Indian Country Today

Yanomami activists fought to get their blood returned from United States anthropologists who took the samples from Yanomami people in Brazil and Venezuela in the ‘60s and then sent the samples to the U.S. for experiments without their leaders’ consent; the blood was returned recently and then honored in a ceremony in Brazil.

Yanomami leaders returned the blood of their family members to the earth in a ceremony honoring the ancestors on Friday, April 3, a week after finally receiving the thousands of blood samples from U.S. universities that held the blood for the last several decades.

The ceremony was held in a Yanomami community house in the village of Toototobi that sits on the edge of Amazonas state bordering Venezuela.

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Movement demands justice for Ecuador’s indigenous people

By Fernando Arce - Two Row Times

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On April 20, Canadian and Indigenous activists will head to Washington, D.C. to join thousands of demonstrators seeking justice for the indigenous and farming communities of Ecuador who have been affected by Chevron Corporation’s pollution.

The Canadian Committee in Solidarity with the Affected Communities by Chevron – a Toronto-based grassroots group – is filling buses quickly with people interested in seeing Chevron own up to a $9.5 billion judgement against it dating back to 2011. That ruling was upheld by the International Court of Justice in March 2015.

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UH students and faculty stage a walkout in protest of Mauna Kea telescope

By Pete Caggiano - KITV.COM

HONOLULU —A few hundred University of Hawaii students and teachers walked out of class today to protest what they believe to be a desecration of a sacred site. The construction of the controversial 30 meter telescope or TMT at the top of Mauna Kea has brought out strong emotions with those who believe this is just the latest in a continued disrespect of the Hawaiian land.

Watch full report on KITV here.

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Indigenous land defenders protect sacred mountain Mauna Kea

Idle No More supports and acknowledges the Mauna Kea Hui, protecting the Sacred Mauna Kea and surrounding water against construction of a Canadian funded proposal to build a massive 18-story telescope.  The structure will reach 20 feet underground and also  include a  21,000 square foot office building, road and parking lot all on conservation lands on Mauna Kea’s summit. This mega-telescope is called the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).

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#INMroots Reconnecting Through Resistance

Welcome to #INMroots Number Five!  The title of this newsletter “Reconnecting Through Resistance” honours a Saami protest and manifesto.  The goal of the #INMroots newsletter is to share news stories that promote Indigenous rights and sovereignty and the protection of land and water. The newsletter will share our stories and actions, and honour resistance, while celebrating the world that we are protecting.

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The price Saskatchewan women pay for speaking up

TroyFleece.jpgWhile Evie Ruddy was moving in with her partner last year, she was being called an attention whore and feminazi.

It was supposed to be happy day for the couple, but was marred by Ruddy’s rise as a target for online trolls. Others online said she should have been shot in the uterus, or had her ovaries ripped from her body.

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Unist’ot’en Camp Update

Galiano Island & Unist'ot'en Camp Fundraiser Launch

Camp1.jpgGaliano Island and Unist'ot'en Camp reunite to help kickoff another spectacular project to keep pipelines from entering sovereign and unceded lands. Last year this incredible duo joined forces to design and build a Bunkhouse on one of the territories of the Unist'ot'en. This year this duo will be joining forces to fundraise and construct a new HEALING CENTRE!! All people in the general area are encouraged to attend. We can see a world free of Fracking, Tar Sands, Pipelines, and Tankers in the horizon!!

Photo by Max Wilbert Photography (Facebook) Max Wilbert Photography (website)

Updates will be posted on the Facebook event page Galiano Island & Unist'ot'en Camp Fundraiser Launch here. You can also sign up on the Active Islands Website here.


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Lubicon Lake Oil Spill Update

Still No Answers about 2.7 million Litre spill on Lubicon Lake Nation lands: Murphy Oil Co Ltd. Postpones Meeting With Chief Ominayak & Council


Murphy Oil Company Ltd. had found a rupture on a 3 inch pipe on March 1st but failed to notify Lubicon Lake Nation for 11 days, knowing they had no idea exactly how long condensate was leaking. Condensate is light hydrocarbon liquid that is mixed with heavy oil after extraction to make it easier to transport.

On March 12th, in Little Buffalo Murphy Oil met with the Lubicon Lake government  to talk about the extent and impacts of the estimated 2.7 million litre spill of hazardous condensate near Seal Lake, Alberta. At the meeting Chief Benard Ominiyak said, “First and foremost, our concern as the government of the Lubicon Lake Nation is the health and safety of our people and environment.” The spill near Seal Lake is a hunting and trapping area for the Lubicon Lake Nation.

“We shouldn’t have to find out 11 days later through media,” said, Councillor Dwight Gladue, Communications/Industry Liaison, Lubicon Lake Nation, to the Record-Gazette on March 13.

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