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Webinar: Indigenous Sovereignty is Climate Action

For any who what to organize a #ClimateRoundDance action for Nov 29th join us on Tuesday Nov 12th, 9pm ET…/register/f73f56c8d6bc61918c34be5db4a05ad8



Follow the event on Facebook for more information and updates:

The Webinar live stream will be posted here when it starts on Nov 10th at 4pm ET

As millions of young people around the world are taking to the streets in massive climate strikes, we too must raise our voices as Indigenous protectors of land, water, and sky. Native Peoples face some of the worst impacts of this Climate Crisis but we also hold the knowledge and the power to restore the balance - to protect and heal our Earth.

Join us on November 10th for a powerful webinar hosted by Indigenous Youth Casey Desjarlais and Dakota Bear with guest speakers Vanessa Gray, Michelle Brass, and Melissa Mollen Dupuis.


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Women’s Declaration- Call to Action to Indigenous Women to Stop Canada’s Termination Agenda

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White Paper 2.0 #The ResistanceCampaign Webinar

#TheResistanceCampaign will be moderating this webinar featuring guests Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum (Treaty 6 lands), Chief Judy Wilson (Neskonlith Nation), and Russ Diabo (Kahnawake). We will be discussing the White Paper Agenda and the urgency of taking action against this legislation.  The webinar will be streamed live on Sunday May 26 from 5pm - 6pm EST

In this Webinar, we will be discussing a deeper understanding of what the ‘White Paper 2.0’ means and how Indigenous peoples are impacted by this. Discussions will also address specific Bills that are scheduled to pass in June 2019 that directly affect the rights and title of Indigenous people.  We encourage the public to join in on this Webinar as there will be opportunities to ask questions for our panelists to answer.

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May 1st Day of Action against Trudeau’s assimilation campaign

In 1969 Our Peoples Mobilized to Protect Our Generation’s Treaty & Inherent Rights

It is Now Our Generation’s Turn to Mobilize to Stop Canada’s Termination Plan!

Today a National Strategy Meeting was held in Edmonton, Alberta by concerned elders, leaders and peoples from Treaty and Inherent Rights & Title Based Original Nations.

Information was presented to the participants about the Trudeau government’s massive changes to federal policy, law and structure, which amount to a renewed Termination Plan. What we call White Paper 2.0. The meeting participants also discussed an action plan to stop the latest version of the federal government’s Plan to Terminate our Treaty and Inherent rights.

On May 1st there will be a Day of Action Against the White Paper 2.0.  See the FB Event Page for more info:

INM Campaign Poster

Poster art by Dakota Brandt

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Powerful New Report Released - Red Women Rising: Indigenous Women Survivors in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

"We need to keep families together. Colonization and missing and murdered Indigenous women has broken families. The children left behind by missing and murdered Indigenous women are mostly in foster care and then when they age out they end up on the street. The violence against missing and murdered Indigenous women continues with their children who are also violated and made vulnerable."  - from the Red Women Rising report

The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre (DEWC) has just released Red Women Rising: Indigenous Women Survivors in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside based on the lived experience, leadership, and expertise of Indigenous survivors.  This comprehensive report is the culmination of a participatory process with 113 Indigenous women and 15 non-Indigenous women regarding the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

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Idle No More Co-Founder faces trial for protecting ancestral land



On February 26, 2017, a Saskatchewan Parks officer issued a warning to Idle No More co-founder Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) and her brother Kurtis McAdam (Saysewahum). The warning advised them to vacate their ancestral homelands, land that their family has lived on since before European encroachment and land that was promised to their relations during Treaty 6 negotiations. Sylvia and Kurtis did not comply with the order and now must stand trial for contravening Section 25(1) of the Parks Act. Both Sylvia and Kurtis face fines and the possibility of imprisonment if convicted.

Idle No More and Defenders of the Lands stand in solidarity with Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) and Kurtis McAdam (Saysewahum). We insist that Canada, including the province of Saskatchewan, adopt Call to Action 45 (i) of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report—that is “to repudiate concepts used to justify European sovereignty over Indigenous lands and peoples such as the Doctrine of Discovery and terra nullius.”

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Since time immemorial, the Unist’ot’en house of the Wet’suwet’en have lived by Wedzin Kwah (Morice River). The Wet’suwet’en people have governed themselves for centuries, and under their governance, each house is responsible for its own lands. In order to protect their ability to continue living on the land and from the land, for the last five years, the Unist’ot’en have maintained a camp by Wedzin Kwah that is blocking seven pipelines that have not been consented to by the Unist’ot’en. In this effort the Unist’ot’en are joined by many supporters and allies whom they have invited to their land.

Recently, the Gitdumt'en have joined them in defending their unceded territory. Hereditary leaders from both clans and supporters have re-occupied their unceded territory on the path of the proposed Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline road.

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Idle No More Condemns the Norwegian Slaughter of Reindeer


The Norwegian government recently decided to forcefully slaughter most of Jovsset Ánte Sara’s reindeer herd to a level that he cannot make a living from. The slaughter is scheduled for the end of 2018.

In 2015, Jovsset Ánte sued the government for the decision to slaughter his reindeer that in reality pushes him away from his livelihood, culture and way of life. Sara won his case against the state of Norway in the two lower national courts but in the Supreme Court he was ruled to decimate his herd. His case is appealed to the United Nations Human Rights Committee but the Norwegian government refuses wait for the committee's recommendation. By upholding the Supreme Court’s fatal decision, the state of Norway shows no concern for the human tragedy this will impose on the Sara family.  Jovsset Ánte Sara’s has support from the Sámi Nation who stand behind him and his family.

Idle No More urges the Norwegian government to reconsider their decision and wait for the UN`s Human Rights Committee’s recommendations.

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Updates on Sustainable Solutions & More!

Idle No More organizer & One House Many Nations builder, Alex Wilson, speaking at Just Transitions

In this email update, we are sharing some exciting news from the Indigenous folks who are working for sustainable solutions for not only our communities but also to provide models other communities can pick up to apply at home. We get to learn more from folks who are showing how to lead in result based solutions.

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Webinar on Rights and Recognition Framework

The webinar will be live at 5PM Eastern Time at the link below:



On Sunday, Oct. 14th, The Defenders of the Land, the Truth Campaign and the Idle No More networks will be hosting a live stream webinar. We will be providing an analysis of Canada’s proposed “Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights Framework” legislation. This live broadcast will be moderated by Janice Makokis and our guest panel will include legal policy analysts Sara Mainville, Russell Diabo and Rachel Snow.

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