National Day of Resistance

First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act (FNCFNEA)
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
Contraband Tobacco Act: taxation on-reserve

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The federal conservative government has continued it's agenda to eliminate First Nations' rights at all levels. Bill C-33, the FNCFNEA gives the Minister of Indian Affairs full power and authority over First Nation education from pre-K to post-secondary. French and English will be mandatory languages at First Nation schools and First Nation language and culture must be approved by the minister. Please spend a day with First Nation students to develop one-page messages, letters, signs and posters with reasons why the Minister of Indian Affairs should not be in control of First Nation education- students should sign and date their messages identifying their Nation and bring those messages to Parliament Hill. We are also encouraging schools to participate for the day and take a group picture in front of your schools with a slogan and share it on Facebook. (eg. Our school, our kids, our education/ No to FNCFNEA, etc)

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is a national disgrace and we want to hear from anyone who has lost a female member in their family. Tell us why women are an important part of Indigenous culture and why you think Canada should open a public inquiry. Small towns are filled with perverse predators who seek out vulnerable Indigenous women of all ages and justice is rarely served. We will no longer allow Canada to turn a blind eye to a national crime against our mothers, daughters, aunties, grandmas and cousins.

The Criminalization of First Nation citizens. Harper's government has introduced Bill C-10, the Contraband Tobacco Act, which will make it an indictable offense to sell tobacco without paying taxes. Tobacco is an Indigenous plant to North America and had been cultivated by First Nations for hundreds of years before Canada became a country. Canada has no right to tax First Nation citizens for buying and selling tobacco. By making it an indictable offense, the RCMP and Provincial Police can raid and arrest family-owned business ppl if they sell any type of tobacco on or off-reserve. Tell us why First Nation citizens should not be turned into criminals for buying and selling tobacco and bring your written messages to Ottawa.

Please bring packaging tape if you can so we can tape our messages to government buildings throughout the downtown core. If you can't make it to Ottawa please try to coordinate your own event at your nearest Service Canada Building.

May 14, 2014 at 1pm - 4pm
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