Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster

"Industry is an attack on our very existence as Indigenous people. We need to uphold our responsibilities to our lands and territories".Kanahus Manuel

'Indigenous Resistance to the Mount Polley Mining Distaster' will be the third webinar from the #TurnTheTables webinar series organized by Idle No More and Defenders of the Land.

Moderator Kanahus Manuel
Kanahus Manuel is a mother of four and a grassroots community organizer from the Secwepemc Nation. She has been arrested for upholding her inherent responsibilities to protect the land and water. Kanahus is part of the Native Youth Movement, and started the Sacred Fire in her territory in response to the recent Mount Polley tailings spill, which has devastated the freshwater salmon populations in Secwepemc territory.

Secwepemc Elder Jean William
Jean William is a Secwepemc Elder and a Secwepemc language teacher who was born and raised in T'exelc. She is an expert of her Secwepemc culture, and has extensive knowledge of the cultural, spiritual and historical significance of the area impacted by the Mount Polley tailings disaster.

Education and Research Joan Kuyak
Joan Kuyek is a strategist, researcher and educator living in Ottawa. She was the founding National Co-ordinator of MiningWatch Canada from 1999-2009. Joan teaches Mining Law, Policy and Communities at Queen’s University Law School (Law 514), Community Development and Social Change (SW3206) at Carleton University, and Mines and Communities in the CESD program of Algoma University Spring Institute.

September 17, 2014 at 8pm - 9:30pm
Jen Kim Ivona BeeReady Debbie Graham Carl Chaboyer Kooper Indigenize Curley Cheryl Arnouse sabina dennis Kanahus Manuel Maria Aksic Candace Hill Cal Trout Kimberly Stinson Travis Elias Jay Baker-French Jason Royce Melanie Brown John Boychuk Malena Marvin Matt Smith Emily Rice Amy Umbel Suzanne Dhaliwal carli vinee Elaine Cawson Bushman Tracy Coates Stakenvicius Tigana Too Kurt R Bryson Dm Gibson David Clow Faith McDonald Jessica Osceola Judy Wilson Chloe Soto colleen bonniwell Carol Armijo Lynda's Ford Simon Paul-Dene John Augustine Hannah Smith Brooke Angela Laurel Fish kelsey snelgrove Stephanie Ferguson Jorge Luis Pedret Julia Orr Verna Edwards Carrie Lester Lorena Garvey-Shepley

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    Please distribute the attached poster invite far and wide to your friends, families and co-workers to come honour and witness one of the worlds largest sockeye salmon spawning events in the world! The wild salmon need our help more than ever, and one way to do that is to appreciate their beauty, strength and resilience in their journey home to play out their birth and death in the Adams River - a river system with some of the oldest geology in BC, and rich in culture and heritage to the Secwepemc and all people who inhabit the region.
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