Mini Home Delivery



January 4, 2016


To bring attention to the housing crisis in Canada, Idle No More started the One House Many Nations awareness and action Campaign in October 2015.  

Over 300 people and organizations have donated money or supplies and have volunteered time to the One House Many Nations Campaign.

The first sustainable, off the grid and eco-friendly mini-home is finished and is to be delivered to a family on the Big River First Nation.  The delivery is scheduled for Wednesday January 6th 2016.

In  a wealthy country such as Canada, it is absolutely possible to provide affordable, sustainable and alternative energy homes. In an era of reconciliation and “Nation to Nation”: the issue of shelter needs immediate solutions and attention. This is one of many amazing actions toward mitigating climate change and the First Nations housing crisis.

An opportunity will be given to the public as well as to the media to view and ask questions about the mini-home at the Grasswoods Gas station tomorrow Wednesday January 6th 2016 between 9:30 and 10:30 AM.  For further information please contact the following;


Media  contacts:  

Sylvia McAdam 306-281-8158

Sheelah McLean 306-280-3245

Anita Munn 204-509-2354

To donate supplies or building materials contact Avery:

The One House, Many Nations campaign is creating networks to support sustainable housing on First Nations. We are raising awareness about Federal responsibility for adequate funding, while taking action ourselves. Be part of the movement.

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