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Kill procrastination with Pomodoro technique

As students, we have to face deadlines on an almost daily basis. Either it is a project, a written assignment or a presentation you have a huge task at hand every time with the knowledge that you have limited time to complete it. The idea of extensive research, gathering data, writing the assignment or creating presentations is intimidating and the biggest enemy in such a case is procrastination. Although we know that we have limited time and the due date of submission will soon arrive, still procrastination occurs and most of us hate it but we end up finishing the assignment a night before which not only puts the grades to risk but damage the quality of the assignment too. Our motive is to achieve maximum focus, without procrastinating and putting out a result that should be worth the hard work. So how to do it? it is obvious that will power isn’t enough and we need some kind of extraordinary motivation and inspiration or at least a checker who can help us to restrict ourselves or else you would have to ask a company to write my essay online. I have faced this issue for the year especially when I was freelancing and studying at the same time. It was difficult to manage the work and study and to be honest, I was getting bored of constant writing. However, while searching for techniques to fight procrastination and be more productive, I came across this brilliant technique called Pomodoro that has helped me since then. What is Pomodoro? Pomodoro is a time management technique introduced by Francesco Cirillo, who proposed a method that has helped millions to overcome procrastination and be focused while completing any kind of task. It works in three steps: • You set a timer on 25 minutes before starting the task. • When the buzzer rings, you have to take a short break, initially 5 minutes in fine. • After every 4 lapses, you can take a 25-minute break and then get to work for another 25 minutes. How is it effective? Pomodoro is effective in two ways. We are surrounded by distractions and with the phones in our hands and millions of sites on our computer, we have unknowingly become habitual of getting distracted in every few minutes that obviously wastes our time. Secondly, our mind works in various ways and has the ability to accept anything more effectively when it is not pressurized but softly restricted or limited. It is merely inculcating discipline as when you know that you are bound to work for complete 25 minutes straight but will have the liberty of a short break afterwards, it gets conditioned to focus. How can you make the most out of the technique? As the technique is quite old and we are lucky enough to be in an era that has improvised everything, there are many ways you get the most out of it. Download the apps Our life depends on apps and gadgets now and we have loads of apps that support Pomodoro. There a bunch of them available for iOS, Android and web that can are free and can be easily downloaded on your phones, laptops or computers to get the lapse without any kind of hassle. Try-out various time lapses The technique is the result of observation and experiences of an individual and it definitely had worked for many including me, but if you think that 25 minutes are more or less for you and your attention span varies, you can set the timer according to your own mood. I know a friend who believed that 30 minutes will work best for him and he always used to set the timer for that. It works form him and can benefit you as well. However, I want to suggest that do not keep it less than 20 minutes and do not exceed form twenty as such time frames can damage the whole idea of reducing the pressure and working a sufficient time lapse. Be organized Another important aspect of getting the most out of Pomodoro is to be organized and work in a way that allows you to focus only on work during those 25 minutes. Keep everything that you need beforehand, make sure that the laptop is charged or the charger is plugged in before you start or any other organization method that works for you.