Lunch Hour Welcoming Committee for Harper's Minions - Gathering and "Die-In"

As you may have heard, Harper's sent some of his people to come to BC to meet with First Nations leadership to do a "pipeline push".

That's pretty insulting, hey? Haven't the First Nations and pretty much everyone else made it crystal clear that pipelines aren't the way to the future, and they're not okay with us?

Let's give them a welcome they won't forget, shall we?

Here's a map:

Of course these meetings happen during working hours, so please join us over your lunch hour for the following activities:

Noon - 12:30 - Gather and sing.

Let's gather, sing songs, and be present while said minions are meeting with FN leadership inside.

12:30 - 12:40 - DIE-IN! (Wear black!)

Has constantly fighting the Harper government left you feeling tired lately? Us too. : ) Let's just wear black and lie down and pretend we're dead to make a point that we don't support toxic tar sands bitumen and other products being piped to the coast.

12:40 - 1:00 - While First Nations leadership are inside making their points about why tar sands pipelines are not welcome here, why don't we say a few words outside about why we feel the same?

You bring your thoughts, we'll bring a bullhorn.

NOTE: This is super short notice, but wouldn't you agree that it's pretty important we have a presence and send a message to Harper's cronies about the unbroken wall of opposition to tar sands pipelines and the future the Harper Government has planned for the landmass they know as BC?

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. And please join us if you can for a little while over your lunch on Monday.

Let's show these cons that we will meet them at every pass, around every corner, head to head, every step of the way.


This event will be held on unceded Coast Salish Territory

Accessibility info: It's our intent to hold this event right at this address, on publicly accessible sidewalks and other paved areas. Washroom accessibility in this setting is unknown.

September 23, 2013 at 12pm - 1pm
Darling Damianton Alex Wilson Whess Harman Sam Bob Jessica Gordon Clayton Thomas-Muller Neełx Shalane Cynthia Wunderlich

Will you come?

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