Live Stream and Webinars

Indigenous Resistance to Mount Polley Mining Disaster


Tsilhqot'in Supreme Court Decision Webinar

Download the slides from the webinar.


Turning the Tables: Self-Determination NOT Termination

Download the slides from this webinar by clicking here.

#INM1yr Manu Meyer Pacifika Rising


Webinar: Violence on the Land is Violence on our Bodies


Watch the recording of the #INM1yr Webinar with Winona Laduke on "Restoring Stable Indigenous Economies"


Watch the recording of the webinar below featuring Buffy Sainte-Marie!

Thanks to all the presenters and unfortunately the internet crashed right at the end of the webinar and the last few minutes of the broadcast were lost.  We apologize for leaving you all with a bit of a cliff-hanger ending.


Academy Award winner Buffy Sainte-Marie’s audacious attitude to life on and off the stage has inspired people around the world for over four decades. Not one to rest on her accomplishments, Buffy Sainte-Marie has never stopped channeling her infinite musical and artistic creativity

Sylvia is one of the founders and an organizer of the Idle No More Movement.

Idle No More organizer and community activist.


Tar Sands Links Referenced During Webinar:

1. Loaded trucks weight half a million lbs, are the size of a house, are 150 feet long. 
2. Gives some basics.
3. Might also mention Beaver Lake Cree G&M story


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