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Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan: As Negotiating Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism

A vision of the future? If there is no organized protest and resistance to the Harper government’s termination plan, than yes. On September 4th the Harper government clearly signaled its intention to: 1) Focus all its efforts to assimilate First Nations into the existing federal and provincial orders of government... Read more
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The Rise of the Native Rights-Based Strategic Framework

Our Last Best Hope to Save our Water, Air and Earth Years ago I was working for a well-known Indigenous environmental and economic justice organization known as the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN). During my time with this organization I had the privilege of working with hundreds of Indigenous communities across... Read more
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"Idle No More and Indiginous Solidarity" - Eriel Deranger

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Arthur Manuel : Idle? Know more! Idle No More

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Idle No More Sees Bigger Issues than C-45

A common misperception and misunderstanding that continues to grow since November says the only terrible legislation taking direct aim at First Nations (and opening up doors for massive environmental exploitation in Canada) is Bill C-45. “No Bill C-45!” on signs. “No Bill C-45!” on information pamphlets. “No Bill C-45!” on... Read more
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Canadian Artists Including Feist, Broken Social Scene, Blue Rodeo, Sarah Harmer, Bif Naked, and more...

Canadian Artists Statement of Solidarity with Idle No More We, the undersigned Canadian writers, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, and artists call on all Canadians to join us in unequivocally supporting the demands and actions of the First Nations’ Idle No More movement for healthy, just, equitable, and sustainable communities. We recognize...
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Nelly Furtado

"On BC ferry this AM got a beautiful gift from woman from KwaKwaKewak Nation (Alert Bay) #idlenomore " "The t-shirt says, 'Canada- Our Home On Native Land'.. I couldn't agree more. #idlenomore "     Read more
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Green Party of Canada

The Green Party of Canada calls on all Canadians to take part in #idlenomore events throughout Canada. Green Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands, specifically invites citizens to take part in the 21 December 2012 rally in Ottawa. “Harper’s record on Aboriginal Affairs is dishonourable. The C-45... Read more
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New Democractic Party of Canada

WHEREAS years of inaction and broken promises from successive liberal and conservative government has led to severe social injustice and shocking poverty in too many communities WHEREAS as a consequence we are witnessing an historic and growing grassroots movement joining Indigenous peoples and other Canadians in a long overdue conversation...
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Canadian Nurses Association

The Idle No More movement is a clarion call that it’s time to restore the health of First Nations, as André Picard aptly states. Registered nurses (RNs) on reserves and in rural and remote communities bear witness to the many inequities First Nations people experience. Amnesty International’s new report clearly...
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University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU)

Students recognize and understand that Indigenous people and communities continue to confront the systems of colonization and oppression established by successive Canadian governments.  As an organization committed to social justice and increasing access to higher education, it is natural for UMSU to support the Idle No More movement in its...
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Today, as demonstrations take place across the country, Greenpeace Canada is expressing its support for the growing Idle No More movement that calls on all people, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to take action and engage in our democracy and government policy. With a new year on the horizon, it is time... Read more
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