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First Nations group calls for B.C. to reject Northern Gateway pipeline work permits

By Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun A B.C. First Nations group says it will not support Premier Christy Clark’s liquefied natural gas strategy unless the province withholds drilling permits for the proposed $6.5-billion Northern Gateway oil pipeline. Enbridge has applied for provincial permits in 32 locations in northern B.C. along the... Read more
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Anishinaabe Rapper Tall Paul & Warrior Chief John Levi from the Elsipogtog FN resistance against SWN Resources Canada fracking

From Indigenous Waves

Anishinaabe rapper Tall Paul is originally from Leech Lake, Minnesota, however he grew up in the city of Minneapolis which meant not having connection to his identity as an Anishinaabe person. Tall Paul joined Indigenous Waves this week to talk about the themes in his music including growing up in the city, being removed from language, culture and tradition and reconnecting to his identity through education and music. His track “Prayers in a Song” is the result of reconnecting to Anishinaabemowin through school, and Tall Paul shares the story of how that came to be.

The Elsipogtog First Nation (Mi’kmaq) in New Brunswick have been protesting shale gas exploration and drilling from SWN Resources Canada through direct non-violent action. Last week the RCMP moved in and, according to eye witnesses, aggressively made 29 arrests during a peaceful protest. The aggressive arrests resulted in several injuries of Indigenous women including nerve damage and a busted lip from a punch to the face.

Warrior Chief John Levi (Mi’kmaq) joined Indigenous Waves to discuss the grassroots, non-violent actions being taken due to dangers of fracking, shale gas exploration and seismic testing in his community, including the devastation to water and land.


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TEDxSFU Ta'Kaiya Blaney

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‘Sovereignty summer’ activists vow more action to come

By Laura Stone Global News OTTAWA – Aboriginal protesters involved in an Enbridge pipeline occupation are vowing more action this summer. Clayton Thomas-Muller – who speaks on behalf of the Sovereignty Summer group, an extension of last winter’s Idle No More movement – said the group plans more protests in... Read more
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Indian Country Today coverage of #SovSummer #IdleNoMore!

Indian Country Today coverage of #SovSummer #IdleNoMore! "In the meantime, the Idle No More movement that began late last year has bloomed this spring with new force, an Indigenous Spring, so to speak, that is spreading from eastern Canada’s Burnt Church to northern Saskatchewan. Native people are declaring that consent cannot be...
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Idle No More Organizes #SwampLine9 Solidarity Actions

Protest actions took place outside Enbridge offices and other key locations in nearly a dozen cities across Canada in support of activists who took over a pumping station north of Hamilton, Ontario. Read more
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Where I Belong

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Canada's First Nations protest heralds a new alliance

Martin Lukacs - The grassroots IdleNoMore movement of aboriginal people offers a more sustainable future for all Canadians. Canada's placid winter surface has been broken by unprecedented protests by its aboriginal peoples. In just a few weeks, a small campaign launched against the Conservative government's budget bill by four aboriginal... Read more
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#IdleNoMore: Settler Responsibility for Relationship

Being at the Idle No More drum dance in Yellowknife this past week was moving in many ways. It was led, in part, by strong young Indigenous women who have moved in their own decolonization journeys from frustrated anger to empowered loving action. In the cold afternoon air, the sun... Read more
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Activist Communique: Idle No More's Sovereignty Summer is heating up

By Krystalline Kraus | June 25, 2013 More than 2,000 people gathered at Parliament Hill on Friday June 21, 2013, to kick off Sovereignty Summer -- a joint campaign between Idle No More and Defenders of the land. The CBC is reporting that it "has learned that Shawn Atleo, national... Read more
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Sovereignty Summer Campaign Calling for National Solidarity Actions and Support for Elsipogtog First Nation Front Line Activists

June 24, 2013 - Elsipogtog First Nation - This is an official notice and “Call Out” to all Idle No More & Defenders of the Land – Sovereignty Summer - activists, allies and supporters, and partnership organizations to act in aid and in the defence of grassroots Elsipogtog First Nation,... Read more
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#SovSummer National Campaigner gives speech at Canadian Parliament on National Aboriginal Day

Please watch, comment, like and share! (tweet it too) Clayton Thomas-Muller - #SovSummer National Campaigner gives speech at Canadian Parliament on National Aboriginal Day - Welcoming of Sacred Walkers, June 21, 2013 to announce the official launch of Joint Campaign  "Sovereignty Summer" of Defenders of the Land and Idle No More!

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