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New Zealand confronts violent past, gives new hope to Maori

WAITANGI, New Zealand (AP) — Their land was confiscated, their homes burned down and many of their people killed. Now, 150 years later, the indigenous Ngai Tuhoe tribe in New Zealand is getting a new start. The government has apologized for its past atrocities, handed over 170 million New Zealand... Read more
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Irish town builds memorial to thank Native Americans who helped during Famine

A sculpture of nine eagle feathers will be installed in Bailic Park, in Midleton, Co Cork to thank the Choctaw Indians for their kindness and support during the Great Irish Famine. Despite the oppression faced by the Choctaws in the years preceding the famine, on hearing of the plight and hunger of... Read more
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Australians Rally against Closure of Aboriginal Communities

Thousands rallied Western Australia Wednesday, following similar actions last week in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, to protest against plans to close 150 of Western Australia’s 274 remote Indigenous communities. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 census, there were 69,665 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in WA.  ... Read more
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Unsettling Canada - A National Wake Up Call

By Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson  Foreword by Naomi Klein   “This is the back story of both grassroots and backroom struggles that created the context in which we find ourselves today, one in which a new generation of First Nations leaders is demanding sovereignty and self-determination, and more and more non-Indigenous... Read more
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Nationhood Interrupted: Revitalizing nêhiyaw Legal Systems

Nationhood Interrupted: Revitalizing nêhiyaw Legal Systems   by Sylvia McAdam   Read more
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Emergency ! Solidarity For Life Of Guarani-kaiowà

Send emails - Sign the petition Guarani Kaiowá communities of the border between Brazil and Paraguay are seriously threatened, despite constitutional rights, the Convention 169 of the ILO, that Brazil had signed in 2002, the sponsors of the industrial agribusiness and monocultures, supported by the police and the Brazilian government... Read more
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Action 8: Mourning Star #FreeWestPapua

Action 8: Mourning Star - #‎FreeWestPapua" attracted the largest community of performers and supporters; we came together to demonstrate solidarity for the people West Papua at Auckland's iconic #‎PasifikaFestival on Saturday 14 March 2015. After five public 'interruptions' in the Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands and on the periphery of... Read more
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The Saami Manifesto 15: Reconnecting Through Resistance

by Niillas Holmberg and Jenni LaitiAll Photos by Johannes Samuelsson Sápmi, our homeland, has been colonized and exploited. We, the Saami people, have been dislocated and disconnected from the land and from each other. We are struggling to hold on to the remains of our self-determination, our territorial and cultural... Read more
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Raoni's Canadian Tour

Community Call out for Solidarity & Support for Raoni & Bemoro's fight to Protect the Amazon Rainforest Requested by Judy DaSilva of Grassy Narrows   Raoni Metuktire is known to the world simply as Raoni. Chief Raoni of the Kayapo people, a Brazilian Indigenous peoples from the plain lands of the Mato Grosso and Pará is known around the... Read more
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World Water Day March 22nd

World Water Day - Sunday, March 22nd 2015   #LoveNibi #InTheNameOfTheMother #LoveWater   "The Water is sick and people need to really fight for that water, to speak for that water, to love that water." - Josephine Mandamin, Grandmother, Water Walker   Video posted on YouTube by UPLIFT  Below is a list of... Read more
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Grassy Narrows Protestors Remain Firm in Message: No Logging in Grassy Narrows Territory

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 16, 2015   Youth and Elders joined by Grassy Narrows Drum Groups for public demonstrations at Weyerhaeuser, MNR, and Kenora Forest Products Kenora—Today, Members of Grassy Narrows First Nation—Youth groups, Band Councilors, Drum Groups, Elders and others—are engaging in a multi-stage protest against logging in their... Read more
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#INMroots Indigenous Voices Rising from Selma to Whangarei

Welcome to #INMroots Number Four!  The goal of the #INMroots newsletter is to share news stories that promote Indigenous rights and sovereignty and the protection of land and water. The newsletter will share our stories and actions, and honour resistance, while celebrating the world that we are protecting. We are... Read more
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