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Indigenous land defenders protect sacred mountain Mauna Kea

Idle No More supports and acknowledges the Mauna Kea Hui, protecting the Sacred Mauna Kea and surrounding water against construction of a Canadian funded proposal to build a massive 18-story telescope.  The structure will reach 20 feet underground and also  include a  21,000 square foot office building, road and parking... Read more
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#INMroots Reconnecting Through Resistance

Welcome to #INMroots Number Five!  The title of this newsletter “Reconnecting Through Resistance” honours a Saami protest and manifesto.  The goal of the #INMroots newsletter is to share news stories that promote Indigenous rights and sovereignty and the protection of land and water. The newsletter will share our stories and... Read more
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The price Saskatchewan women pay for speaking up

While Evie Ruddy was moving in with her partner last year, she was being called an attention whore and feminazi. It was supposed to be happy day for the couple, but was marred by Ruddy’s rise as a target for online trolls. Others online said she should have been shot... Read more
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Unist’ot’en Camp Update

Galiano Island & Unist'ot'en Camp Fundraiser Launch Galiano Island and Unist'ot'en Camp reunite to help kickoff another spectacular project to keep pipelines from entering sovereign and unceded lands. Last year this incredible duo joined forces to design and build a Bunkhouse on one of the territories of the Unist'ot'en. This year... Read more
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Lubicon Lake Oil Spill Update

Still No Answers about 2.7 million Litre spill on Lubicon Lake Nation lands: Murphy Oil Co Ltd. Postpones Meeting With Chief Ominayak & Council   Murphy Oil Company Ltd. had found a rupture on a 3 inch pipe on March 1st but failed to notify Lubicon Lake Nation for 11... Read more
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Four Corners Spirit Run

Beginning March 28th, West Los Angeles  This year’s 9th Spirit Run is set to take place on Saturday March 28, 2015 from approximately 6am – 3pm. The Four Corners Spirit Run in alliance with the Pico Youth & Family Center and the  Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation will host heir 9th Annual Four... Read more
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Gogama train derailment highlights treaty infringement, Chief says

First Nations 'tired of being pawns in Canada's addiction to oil,' regional chief Stan Beardy says The third train derailment in less than a month in northern Ontario represents a clear violation of indigenous rights, says Stan Beardy, the Ontario regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations. Read more
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The Battle of Oak Flats – The Fight For Sacred Apache Land

San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona (TFC) – The Battle of Oak Flats sounds like it could be the name of a historic battle from back in the old days, like in the 1800’s when the white man was pushing his way west and pushing the Native-American tribes anywhere he could. However, this... Read more
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White Mountain Tribal Police Officer Kills Shooter At Hon-dah Resort Casino

WHITE MOUNTAIN APACHE RESERVATION — A domestic dispute turned deadly at the Hon-Dah Resort Casino on the White Mountain Apache Reservation in northern Arizona on Saturday evening. The deadly incident began about 6:30 p.m. in the Hon-Dah Resort Casino’s parking lot with an argument between a husband and wife. As... Read more
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#GulfSouthRising Week of Action

Never forget! #‎GulfSouthRising April 20 marks the fifth year since BP's Deepwater Drilling Disaster fouled our shores causing an ecological and human health disaster that continues to this day. Frontline & impacted communities across the Gulf Coast region invite you to join us for this historic week of actions in... Read more
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Nihígaal bee Iiná Walk for Existence

Nihígaal bee Iiná YOUNG DINÉ WOMEN INSPIRE HOPE WITH 350-MILE WALK At dawn this morning a group of Diné people and their supporters embark on a 350-mile journey on foot as an act of cultural revitalization. The walk is the second of four that will occur this year. The first... Read more
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Dehcho First Nations, N.W.T. gov't at impasse over land claim

Dehcho Grand Chief accuses government of offering an ultimatum without doing any negotiating The grand chief of the Dehcho First Nations says the Government of the Northwest Territories is asking them to accept a land claim settlement, even though the government hasn't actually negotiated anything with them. Read more
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