July 1st | Idle No More - National Day of Action - Protect our right to a clean living Earth

July 1st Idle No More - National Day of Action - Protect our right to a clean living Earth

Please join us this Canada Day in Kelowna @the City Park rose garden. Worldwide rallies are being organized uniting all of our peoples to protect Mother Earth. Friends of and Indigenous peoples everywhere are being called to action. The time is ripe, the time is now, here is the peaceful revolution that shows us how.

Join us at City Park on July 1, as a call to action to protect Mother Earth and celebrate Canada Day.

Event: In City Park, gather near rose garden, join our Circle for drumming, song, prayer celebrating these territories and our right to protect Mother Earth in Sacred Ritual.

Existing Canada Day events will be going on...co-create and co-exist within the parks' activities. Rules via the City Festival...no restricting flow of people, no asking others to move, no tents or infrastructure, no handing out brochures, remain respectful of noise levels, no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons.

Indigenous peoples everywhere are now claiming their United Nations recognized legal right to be a self-determining people. This is Mother Earth's last line of protection and we are asking all peoples to join us in protecting Mother Earth. It is time to be Idle No More!

This is a call out to the people of the Syilx Territories in the Okanagan to join Idle No More - Kelowna in peaceful non-violent direct action celebrating the people protecting these territories, Mother Earth and Canada.

We all need clean land, water and air to sustain life. We are saying NO to the resource-extraction state being rammed through parliament by Harper and corporate interests. Bring an intent of non-violent direct action to support Idle No More with this event officially launching Sovereignty Summer and protecting our right to a clean living Earth.

"We do not own the Earth we belong to it"

Sovereignty Summer Campaign Calling for National Solidarity Actions and Support for Elsipogtog First Nation Front Line Activists

IDLE NO MORE & Defenders of the Land put out National Call to Action!


Further Information:

Idle No More is a global renaissance initiated by an indigenous grassroots movement in Saskatoon. We are looking to each other for solutions in how to live more peacefully, sustainably and lovingly.

=============MEDIA INQUIRIES==============

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IdleNoMoreKelowna

=============BEFORE THE EVENT=============

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS - FB, E-mail, Twitter, Phone, etc.
SET UP TRANSPORTATION - Car Pooling, Busing, etc.
GET CREATIVE - Posters, art, a big yes to creative inspiration!
CHECK WEATHER - Wear appropriate clothing in layers
SET UP ACCOMMODATION - Hotels, Billets, etc.

=============WHAT TO BRING:==============

Drums | Regalia | Humour | Friends | Posters/Signs |
Weather Appropriate Clothing | Peaceful Intent |
This is a child and family friendly event - No Weapons, booze or drugs!

=============WHAT TO EXPECT==============

Speakers | Large Crowd | Media | RCMP | City Park Canada Events | Drumming | Round Dances |

==========WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU==========

Friendliness | Respect of the City property | To Have Fun

==========O.U.T. PROTOCOL IN PLACE ==========

Due to the likelihood of heightened emotions that can occur at these events an O.U.T. protocol is in place. If you are Offensive, Undermining and/or Threatening (O.U.T.) you will be asked to leave and may be escorted by local RCMP.


July 01, 2013 at 10:45am - 1:45pm
Rose garden
City Park
Kelowna, BC
Google map and directions
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