One House Many Nations: Next Steps


Idle No More - One House Many Nations: Next Steps


The One House Many Nations: Next Steps focuses on building sustainable housing out of recycled wooden pallets. This project is significant for three reasons:

  1. It supports Indigenous nation building by ensuring Indigenous people have continued access to their lands and resources using sustainable technology.
  2. It is an exemplar of how we can reclaim resources (such as lumber) that have been taken from our lands, often without consent, to develop much needed housing and other infrastructure.
  3. It is an act of restitution for ongoing government and corporate exploitation on our lands and communities.

The lack of access to basic needs such as housing and water in First Nations communities is an aspect of ongoing colonialism and racism that must be addressed. Indigenous peoples living on First Nations are on the front lines of resistance to resource extraction. The OHMN Next Steps intervenes in the many levels of exploitation that continues on Indigenous territories.  

We have attached a short video and letter to this link that will provide further detail regarding the technology that will be used for building sustainable housing with wooden pallets, as well as the impetus for this model. We will continue to provide updates through our website and social media.

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