Idle No More Global Day of Action, #Oct7Proclaim 55 Actions in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and across the Planet


October 7, 2013-Ottawa, Canada: Today marks the global day of action of Idle No More, the Indigenous Peoples social movement. On October 7, 1763, King George III of England signed the British Royal Proclamation, an historic document that legally mandated Canada to recognize Indigenous land rights.

Today, two hundred and fifty years later, at over 55 actions and events taking place across Canada, the United States, and in countries across the planet, thousands of Indigenous Peoples and our supporters are taking direct action to assert sovereignty and self-determination over Our Land -- Our Water -- Our Bodies -- Our Stories -- Our Future -- and to proclaim our Indigenous Sovereignty!

Today also marks the day that the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Professor James Anaya, begins his official UN visit to Canada to examine the human rights situation of the Indigenous Peoples of this country.  

Actions on the front lines today include the anti-fracking fight in Elsipogtog Mi'kmaq Nation in New Brunswick, Canada, where Mi'kmaq warriors have been blockading roads to protect their collective rights, lands, and water from the Houston-based, SWN Resources.

"The time has come for us to emancipate our Nations; it is time for us to assert our sovereignty. We must protect our water, and we must unite together to sever the chains of colonialism. Our fight is for the water, for our Treaties, for our Rights, and for our People. Let's unite and proclaim our right to our voices, and speak out against corporate greed and environmental genocide. We are stronger when we stand together," said Suzanne Patles of the Mi'kmaq Warriors, who are blockading in Elsipogtog First Nation.

In Victoria, British Columbia, in solidarity with Idle No More, thousands of youth participating in Powershift BC, one of Canada’s largest climate conferences, will descend on the BC Legislature to confront Premier Christy Clark and her government's ongoing attempts to allow controversial tar sands pipelines and oil tanker ports to cross this ecologically sensitive region against the will of hundreds of thousands of First Nations and BC citizens who have unequivocally said no.

"There has been no bill of sale and Indigenous people have not ceded our lands, territories, and rights to Canada. By trampling and blatantly ignoring our Indigenous rights and culture, Canada is breaking international law established in the Royal Proclamation of 1763,” said Powershift BC presenter and Sliammon First Nation youth activist, 12-year-old Ta’Kaiya Blaney. She went on to say, “The current ‘leaders’ and decision makers of Canada are denying and nonchalantly attacking our rights and therefore our future without a second thought. Being the children of a land and culture, of which we have sustained ourselves from for thousands of years, we are paying the price of industrial and human annihilation, we are suffering the consequences: We will say no more, we will be Idle No More."

Kahnawake Mohawk, Russell Diabo of Defenders of the Land said, “Canada has a long standing plan to terminate the collective Inherent, Aboriginal, and Treaty rights of First Nations. By taking advantage of First Nations poverty and maintaining the colonial Indian Act as an instrument of control, Canada seeks sign-on from First Nations to final agreements that compromise and terminate their constitutionally protected and internationally recognized land rights, Treaties, and the right to self-determination as Peoples.”

Idle No More has joined forces with Defenders of the Land and together they have developed a joint campaign with six high-level political demands of the Harper conservative government of Canada. Today's actions taking place across the globe represent the galvanizing of our political base towards manifesting traction on our political goals here in Canada and in other colonial countries across Mother Earth.



For more information and interviews with regional spokespersons, contact:


Clayton Thomas-Muller

Idle No More National Campaigner

cell: 613 297 7515



Arthur Manuel

Secwepemc Nation (member) 

Founder of  Defenders of the Land

cell: 250-319-0688



Sylvia McAdam

Idle No More Founder & Organizer

cell: 306-281-8158



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  • Wasu Duta
    commented 2013-10-08 13:54:24 -0700
    Swift Arrow…one day they will understand what is right here in front of them…one day….
  • Robert Swift Arrow Rose
    commented 2013-10-07 10:01:15 -0700
    If it is true,…what is stated on the United Nations website, “Welcome to the United Nations,…It’s your World”. Then all of our people need to be able to have their basic human rights respected and our Original Sovereign status and Treaty status honored which reaffirms our sovereignty. And then we need to issue our own IDs, Navigation Tags-Plates- Nav ID – and Passports issued by our own authority, and respected world wide with visas from every Country of the world so that all of our Children are considered equal and treated as equals in the world…,….right now. Sgi Wado Aho Peace To All Our Relations
    I have been working in a peace process as a registered Peacemaker at 2008
  • Robert Swift Arrow Rose
    commented 2013-10-07 09:47:13 -0700
    The Great Turtle Island Federation acknowledged by the UN as an IGO has a Plan of Action, and we also now have 53 special programs that we have listed with the United Nations on our homepage within the UN systems website. We will be issuing a new ID to help those indigenous people who are interested in having their Nationality and Country of National Origin listed on their ID and this is especially needed if a Tribe or Nation is still under the jurisdiction of CANADA or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and does not possess sovereign status, but rather is in a “Political Subdivision of” type of status, and therefore can not issue an ID and state that they are possessing the powers of authority as a Traditional Sovereign Nation Government and holding to Country status. So therefore these Tribes and Bands and Nations need a change of status, and their people are needing to re-identify with new IDs from those Sovereign Entities as Nations holding to “Country” status. They need the trimmings of a Country in their hands, ID-Navigation ID-Passport Plate Their own systems by their own issuance determined by them, but if for the individual this is too much, then it has to, or rather needs to be provided as a service by those Nations, and maybe collectively as a Federation of Sovereign Nations and Countries, and that’s what the Great Turtle Island Federation is.
  • Wasu Duta
    commented 2013-10-07 08:46:16 -0700
    I agree with Robert Swift ArrowRose…
  • Robert Swift Arrow Rose
    commented 2013-10-07 08:10:46 -0700
    I believe we need to re-identify, Get rid of the CANADIAN STATUS CARDS because those ID Cards put you under them, Get rid of the BIA CARDS or you will be perceived as a Domestic Dependent, get rid of the SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBERS, And the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS.
  • Robert Swift Arrow Rose
    commented 2013-10-07 08:06:33 -0700
    See Press Release
    GTIF was acknowledged as an IGO- Inter-governmental Organization at the United Nations
  • Robert Swift Arrow Rose
    commented 2013-10-07 08:05:04 -0700
    Siyo, Greetings- we do need to be very specific, here is what was posted that I feel needs to be clarified,- “to examine the human rights situation of the Indigenous Peoples of this country.”Which Country do you mean here? This is a very important issue, when we post things like this, I think we need to understand “Which Country” we are speaking of. Are you talking about Canada as a “Country”? Or are you speaking of another “Indian Country”? We need to be very careful, Canada is not a Country unless you allow it to be, and if you do, then it has jurisdiction over you. and what is important now is that each “Indian Country” should be specified, on the Great Turtle Island, just to show the world where you are and that no one has jurisdiction over you, but that you and the people of your Nation have a “Country” and that “Country” status is what it is all about. International law- “Everyone must abide by the laws of the Country they reside in”. 1963 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE. Please think about this very important issue, Sgi Wado Aho Peace