Idle No More ROUND DANCE Santa Fe, NM in Solidarity with Leonard Peltier Day/ Anti-Uranium Mining March

Idle No More ROUND DANCE Santa Fe, NM in Solidarity with Leonard Peltier Day/ Anti-Uranium Mining March",

"description": "Leonard Peltier Day

Please join us at the Santa Fe Plaza on June 25, 2013 at 4:15 pm for a Round Dance marking the anniversary of the June 26, 1975 "Incident at Oglala" for which Leonard Peltier is illegally incarcerated.

On the day of the shootout, Dick Wilson secretly signed on to a deal that would give over 1/8 of the Pine Ridge reservation to the U.S., at the behest of (uranium) mining interests.

Update 6/4/13

We are planning to march in Santa Fe June 25th. Gather at 2:30 PM at the Clock Tower 1470 S. St. Francis Dr. in Santa Fe, NM to say NO MORE URANIUM MINING. KEEP SACRED MT. TAYLOR SAFE FROM MINING! We will be marching to the plaza stopping on the way to let those who want to make money on the desecration of sacred places know we say NO! We will be joining the Idle No More event in honor of Leonard Peltier at the plaza at 4PM.

Update 6/2/13

At 3 pm, at another location 2 miles away, we will gather in solidarity to show opposition to proposed new Uranium mining. Address and More info to come soon. Plan on a full day in Santa Fe- into the evening at the free city of Santa Fe concert series in the Plaza with Shannon McNally starting on the bandstand at 6 pm.

A statement from Leonard Peltier may be read.

Register your informed opposition to proposed uranium mining with the Forest Service

FREE bumper sticker or pin to first 20 people to arrive before start time of 4:15.

Leonard Peltier Day is June 26th, 2013

Please visit:

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense

INFO for this event and New Mexico or

June 25, 2013 at 6:15pm - 7pm
Santa Fe Plaza
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