Idle No More Kalispell Mt.

Concerned Citizens Group will be hosting a water rights meeting in Kalispell on July 18th 2013. Water is our most precious resource, and this precious resource is in jeopardy in every sense of the word. Indigenous people, whom we are, understand the importance of a free flowing, undisturbed water system, and this doctrine conflicts with those who want to produce hydroelectricity, pollute the water with herbicides, pesticides, fecal matter from their livestock, fecal matter from their perpetual lust for combustible fuels etc. It is these very reasons that people all over turtle island are managing to set fire to their tap water right out of the faucet. Now, this water is the indian peoples water, the Ktunaxa are the stewards of this water and it is this very source of water that we will be having to send to our neighbors to the east just for drinking water. We must get into the mindset that this water is not for sale, and the ones who take priority to this water is the Ktunaxa and their allies be it our indigenous brothers and sisters of the Blackfeet Nation, the Salish Nations, Cree, and so on and so forth. The era is here where we make our presence felt in western Montana.

These are some of their concerns, water management, control and use, and the Constitution and the treaties between Indian Tribes and the U.S. They scowl at the idea that “Indians” can control anything. To them we are supposed to be extinct.
This is where we need to stand our ground, be idle no more. I expect there to be the White Nationalists Movement to make their presence felt. Not to mention the other anti-indians who will be there. This is a rally for them to gain strength, to gain a foot hold where they can make a stance. When these people are making their stand, gathering their strength, and when they are the most emotionally charged, this is the time we stand up to them, to prove our courage. Since then JBOC had a meeting in St. Ignatius where a round dance was organized, but, the turnout, the assemblage of participants was very small despite the anticipation of a greater participation among tribal members. However, this charge was led by Ruth Swaney where she captured vital information thus embarrassing the members of the committee, since then they have separated. The material she was able to retrieve was critical evidence that racism is alive and well deep in the heart of Indian Country. We owe Ruth for her unwavering defiance of the bigotry that our people must endear. Ruth Swaneys efforts must not go unappreciated or go in vain. This is a follow up, this involves indigenous peoples on both sides of the boarder, needless to say this will be a mere fifty miles in the U.S.of A. During the civil rights movement the Klu Klux Klan would have marches only to be met with marches of the Civil Rights Movement… this is no difference. Now is the time to be idle no more.

July 18, 2013 at 6:30am - 9:30am

Will you come?