Idle No More in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa


Idle No More in Solidarity with Ayotzinapa

On September 26, 2014, 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Teachers' College, in Iguala, went missing after they were attacked by state police and gunmen. Three students were killed and forty three “disappeared.”  The bodies of the disappeared students have never been found and the Mexican government has not undertaken a credible investigation into the disappearance.  The families keep struggling to find out what happened to the students.  

This atrocity is part of a landscape of violence and impunity carried out through alliances between elements of the Mexican state and organized crime. The search for the students has uncovered more than 15 mass graves in neighbouring areas of the state of Guerrero, none of them containing the bodies of the students.  In response, a national movement of resistance has emerged.

Idle No More organizers stand in solidarity with the missing 43 students and their families and the Caravan to Ottawa delegation travelling to share their story of resistance and hope.  Their struggle and search for their loved one’s resonates with us as we seek justice for the murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls and two-spirits in Canada.  The murder of Indigenous people’s across the Americas is at epidemic proportions and it’s time for governments to take action to protect Indigenous lives.

Canada plays a critical role in supporting the Mexican state’s responsibility for the disappearances. In 2012, two way trade between Mexico and Canada totalled $20 billion. As a signatory to NAFTA, Mexico is Canada’s 5th largest export destination. Despite the human rights crisis in Mexico, Canada’s refugee system has deemed it a ‘safe country.’

Grand Chief Philip Stewart, President of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs calls out Canada’s involvement:  “I call onThomas Mulcair, the leader of the official opposition to raise this issue in the house. I call on the Conservative government to make a statement about the situation in Mexico and cut off relations with Mexico until human rights are respected."

Join Idle No More at the Public Forum With Leaders of Mexican Social Uprising - Ayotzinapa to Toronto as we join the delegation and lift our voices together and speak out against state violence.

April 29, 7pm: Public Forum With Leaders of Mexican Social Uprising - Ayotzinapa to Toronto at Ryerson University - 350 Victoria Street (@ Gould), Library Lecture Theatre, Room 72

For further information about the caravan to Ottawa or for media requests contact:

Raul Burbano, Common Frontiers,  (416) 522-8615,




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  • Tupac Enrique Acosta
    commented 2015-04-22 22:06:38 -0700
    Ayotzinapa: Testimonio de Familiares en las Naciones Unidas

    “Tenemos 522 años en resistencia y el gobierno Mexicano sigue criminalizando, discriminando y desapareciendo a los jóvenes Indígenas por su origen.”

    Solicitamos al Foro Permanente: 1) Presentación con vida de los 43 estudiantes. 2) Que el Estado mexicano reanude y amplíe las líneas de investigación acerca de lo ocurrido en los días 26 y 27 de septiembre del 2014 en Iguala, Guerrero, México. 3) Que el Estado mexicano esclarezca los hechos ocurridos el 26 y 27 de septiembre en Iguala, Guerrero México, y que se castigue a los responsables. Además, Solicitamos al Foro Permanente que se recomienda un estudio del Relator Especial sobre los Derechos de Los Pueblos Indígenas en México, acerca de los problemas siguientes: La desaparición forzada; La privación ilegal de la libertad; La falta de legislación y sanción contra la tortura sistemáticaY el respecto de los derechos humanos y de los y las jóvenes de Pueblos Indígenas.