Idle No More - Become A Climate Hero in Richmond, California

Time to rise up for the next 7 generations! Be a Climate Hero and join us to STOP the Keystone XL Pipeline, hold Chevron accountable for their crimes and all of the climate crimes of the fossil fuel industry that are destroying our environment. This event is part of the nationwide Summer Heat campaign

Join us at one of these locations to start the march to Chevron:
Richmond BART at 10:00 am
Nevin Park at 10:30 am 598 Nevin Ave., Richmond
George D Carroll Park at 11:00 am (formerly Washington Park) 83-123 E Richmond Ave, Point Richmond

No toxic hazards
No Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
No dirty crude refining, including tar sands and fracking dirty crude
A just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Drummers & Singers will lead the march! Live in the Western U.S.? This may be the largest Summer Heat demonstration on the West Coast. Bike, train, carpool, walk...just come! Future generations need us now and this is the time to show the love.

This is a NONVIOLENT action. There will be nonviolent direct action for those chooseing to do so. No drugs, no alcohol.

More info on Chevron:
From the site:
Chevron in Richmond is refining toxic tar sands from Canada, and it plans to refine the oil from the first tar sands mine in the United States. In the aftermath of a fire at their Richmond, California refinery that sent 15,000 people to the hospital, Chevron tried to evade responsibility by spending $1.2 million in an attempt to buy two seats on two seats on the Richmond City Council. Rather than address the mounting safety and worker's rights issues in Richmond they have attempted to buy their way out thorough political contributions.

Chevron in Ecuador:
Rather than do the right thing and clean up its mess in Ecuador, Chevron CEO Watson oversaw an aggressive legal strategy that cost Chevron a $19 billion dollar judgment against them. Chevron is now a company attempting to evade justice and has misled its own shareholders about its massive liability.

Chevron's assets have been frozen in Argentina pending a decision on the enforcement of the Ecuadorian decision. Billions of dollars of assets are at risk.

Ecuadorian plaintiffs have filed other actions to enforce as Chevron remains an international fugitive from justice believing itself to be above the law. Watson himself has approved and reinforced this strategy.

Chevron in Nigeria: In January 2012 a Chevron rig exploded off coast of Nigeria and killed Chevron workers including the manager who told the company the rig was unsafe and begged them to fly people off the North Apoi platform before it exploded.

Chevron ignored his request and then allowed the fire to burn for FOUR weeks before it even attempted to drill a relief well to stop the fire.

Meanwhile the onshore host communities were becoming ill, the fish in the nearby waters that were their livelihood died. Nine local communities ultimately had to abandon their villages, lives and livelihoods.

August 03, 2013 at 10am - 1pm
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Will you come?

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