Hornepayne FN Elders Council Update

Elder_Eva_Wesley.jpgHornepayne First Nation Elders Council are asking Nishnawbe Aski Nation to lift the Barrier they have placed on Hornepayne First Nation Elders Council and members Sovereign Rights to choose their own leadership of whom will advocate on their behalf in protecting their traditional lands that they are still actively harvesting. They want to make sure that the NWMO is not successful in burying their Nuclear Waste on their trap lines as the future generations their grand children, great grandchildren will have their inheritance preserved for their children and grandchildren;


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Notice2.jpgAs for me I am an advocate for our Elders, I work for them without expectation of financial gain, Elders are the holders of our history and we must respect their wisdom as I do; for soon I will be an Elder and want to teach what I have learned from our Elderly teachers; When I go on my journey and come back into ceremonies that my grand and great grandchildren are praying in, I don't want to hear them crying; "why did you not stop these people from burying their poison in our traditional grounds, now we have nothing" All of the Elders who are sitting here at 100 Back street Fort William First Nation, Thunder Bay waiting for Nishnawbe Aski Nation to lift this barrier, also feel this way.

If you have any questions please call or message me. We also ask you to sign our petition to STOP the Elder abuse our H.F.N. Elder Council have been subjected to. Click Here to sign.


Margie Goulet Director of Operations