Great Lakes Gathering 2016

Poster.jpgOpen Invitation To Attend & Support: 

On behalf of the “Great Nibi Gathering” Planning Committee and with great excitement we are honoured to let you know about an incredible gathering this summer. It will take place at Ojibway Park in Garden River First Nation, Ontario July 14-17, 2016.

We are issuing this open invitation and call out to all Anishinaabeg, Metis and supporters to come to the shores of Lake Huron to meet, discuss, and hold ceremony together for the waters of the Great Lakes and for future generations. Here we will nourish a sacred fire, make water offerings, convene an Elders Council, host traditional healing, and a ceremonial Lacrosse game! This event will be filled with traditional activities that will include storytelling and Anishinaabemowin immersion.

Under the Elders’ guidance, the people in attendance will discuss the many serious issues regarding the health & wellness of the Great Lakes, and what actions can be taken to preserve them. This is the reason for the gathering. 

We are humbly asking for support and help from Water Walkers, Fire Keepers, Traditional Lodge Keepers, Elders, native language speakers, lacrosse players, traditional singers, youth, Two Spirited peoples, helpers, cooks, volunteers and organizers.

We are also seeking financial help. We are a collective of grassroots people who are coming together to organize this event. All of the funds raised will be going to pay for direct costs of food, to assist Elders with travel, rental of a large tent, wood and offerings. 

We are very thankful for the large amount of grassroots support we have received to date for this gathering and look forward to embracing new relationships and shared preservation of the Great Lakes for future generations.



The Onaman Collective ~ On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Great Lakes Gathering 2016

For regular updates on the Great Lakes Gathering 2016, check out the Facebook event page: Great Lakes Gathering 



July 14, 2016 at 9am - July 18, 2016 July 14, 2016 at 9am - July 18, 2016
Ojibway Park
2628 Highway 17B E
Do Not Call Venue For Details. Please email Onaman Collective
Garden River, ON P6A 7B2
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    Please RSVP: Great Lakes Gathering 2016
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    Please RSVP: Great Lakes Gathering 2016 this July in Garden River, ON. Help support #Indigenous Grassroots Gatherings
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