Got Land?

tenelle_starr.jpgWear the "Got Land? Thank an Indian" shirt and stand up for the truth about Canada's record on Indigenous rights

This week, Tenelle Starr, 13 years old and a member of the Star Blanket First Nation in Saskatchewan, was prevented by officials at her school near Regina from wearing a sweatshirt that read: "Got Land? Thank an Indian."

But Tenelle wore the shirt proudly because, in her words, "it's the truth. I think of it as a teaching tool that could help bring awareness to our treaty and land rights.”

Now and up to a January 28 Day of Action, Tenelle and Idle No More and Defenders of the Land are encouraging people across the country to wear this t-shirt to their schools, workplaces, or neighbourhoods to spark conversations about Canada's true record on Indigenous rights.

Buy a shirt where they're available. Download a stencil here and make your own. Hold a t-shirt making party and make dozens. Share them with your native and non-native friends. Upload a photo of you wearing the t-shirt here or upload the photo to instagram and use the hashtag #gotland

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  • Jay Bird
    signed 2014-01-17 11:53:43 -0800
    Hi Tenelle, here is what I have written to the people harassing you, My latest comment to CTV:

    I think it’s a fashion statement with a message. The message is clearly that the land we all reside on in the west is because of ‘treaties’ and the process involved there. These treaties were signed with the Indian groups in the these areas – and thus came land acquisition which the treaties provided in the West.

    A few things should be known about this:

    1. This was a Christmas gift – so whether she understands the full extent of the t-shirt is irrelevant – she is also only 13

    2. This girl has now been getting harassing messages from a group called ‘end race based laws’ – much of them her family deems are very racist and along the lines of intimidating (if not bullying)

    The tragedy here is she is a 13 yr old and should not have to be dealing with the long plight of racism and ignorance towards the Indigenous in this country…or maybe this is the reality of Canada and we just don’t want to admit such things.

    2 things don’t lie, stats and history in Canada. Every meaningful living standard stat from the last census (2006) has Indigenous people as the lowest ranked in Canada. One only need compare that with the history towards the Indigenous in Canada to see a ‘pattern’.

    That pattern is the dehumanizing of the Indigenous as the ‘other’, ‘different’, ‘them’, or the ‘enemy’. This was evidenced recently in the SK party’s ad about resource revenue sharing in 2013. This was seen in the residential school system – which was to eliminate the Indigenous altogether. This is also evidenced in Indian Affairs and it’s control over all things Indigenous (which is apartheid standards). Yes, this is the Canada we all live in.

    On a side note – Indigenous women have the most violence committed against them in Canada – and this sweater has made us realize just how vulnerable a target they are and no matter how young, anytime is the right time to demean them.

    *We’re also taking to task the people that have been trying to intimidate you about this shirt – just letting you know many people support you and appreciate what you did.
  • Michelle Barrett
    signed 2014-01-17 11:53:24 -0800
    There is nothing offensive about this shirt so sending her home was an obviously racist act. I doubt it would take long to find examples of Euro descended students wearing shirts that support their ethnic heritage in the same school and not getting sent home for it. If Canada is not trying to make themselves look like a totalitarian government who treats First Nations people like things instead of people then they need to adopt some new methods and stop sending out messages to people with power over those who are ETHNICALLY Canadian that this type of blatant and public oppression will not be tolerated.
  • JEremy Ashely
    signed 2014-01-17 10:48:44 -0800
    The reality of White European Society (Canada & America) is one of primitive accumulation. Europeans colonized many Nations, Killing, Murdering, Raping, and stealing land, resources, and sometimes even “People” (Slavery), ALL in order to generate Wealthy White European “Wealth”. Dialectically all Wealthy White European Wealth of the Upper Classes comes from the Indigenous People of the world. They stole it and killed for it, plane and simple. They are Culpable for these crimes Against Humanity. And the Land is still Rightfully “Native Land…”
  • Spencer Mann
    signed 2014-01-17 08:55:21 -0800
  • Amy Leaman
    signed 2014-01-16 16:32:57 -0800
    Right on, Tenelle! Love and support from Toronto