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Immigrants in Support of Idle No More

As racialized migrants, immigrants, and refugees, we express our support for the Idle No More movement, a movement of Indigenous surgence/resurgence across these lands. We are allies of Indigenous peoples' asserting their rights and sovereignty and protecting the lands and waters. The history and current reality of Canada is a racist and genocidal one, marked by the forced dispossession of Indigenous peoples' lands and extraction of their resources, the suppression of Indigenous customs, governance, and laws, and the attempted assimilation of diverse Indigenous cultures and identities.

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Campesino Committee of the Highlands (Guatemala)

"We feel very deeply about what is happening in Canada to our brother native people. We condemn the pillaging of which they continue to be victims. We urge you to continue your acts of just resistance to defend Nature, our Mother Earth and Humanity, despite the ambition of governments and corporations to place their interests above the rights of the millinarian peoples.

We call on the (Canadian) government to respect the lives and territories of our brothers and sisters and to respond to their demands."

- Message from the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (Guatemala) to Idle No More

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Battered Women’s Support Services supports ‘Idle No More’

by Brandy Kane, Manager of BWSS Aboriginal Women’s Program

Colonization and colonial relationship has a tremendous impact on Indigenous people, which perpetuate the injustice through legislation and policies aimed at ‘civilizing’ Indigenous people. Our rights, our lands and our spirits have been attacked by the colonization. This colonial structure has also maintained the patriarchal ideologies and perpetuated the gendered violence against Indigenous women through its racist and sexist policies while it’s been promoting the privilege of men.

BWSS and BWSS Aboriginal Women’s Program support ‘Idle No More’. We were at the ’Idle No More’ rally on December 23rd and December 27th in Vancouver. It is amazing to see all the people across Canada and internationally, supporting Idle No More movement, which was started by four Aboriginal women who stand for Indigenous rights and environmental justice. We’ll continue to support ‘Idle No More’ through social media and attending upcoming events.

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