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Featured statements:

Aboriginal Artists Alliance

A non-partisan group of Aboriginal artists, musicians and fans is coming together online to support the Idle No More movement and help raise awareness and share the progress of the movement’s peaceful efforts. The Aboriginal Artists Alliance, established by singer-songwriter Susan Aglukark, will be dedicated to using social media to help keep Canadians informed about Idle No More’s advocacy and defense of Aboriginal rights and culture.

As Aboriginal (Inuit, First Nation, and Metis) artists, our respective works are inspired by our collective cultures – past, present and future. It is in our collective interest to ensure the protection of these cultures, as well as the land and rights inherent to us as Indigenous peoples of Canada to ensure future generations will thrive. The Aboriginal Artists Alliance is committed to the survival and protection of our cultures, languages and histories and acknowledges and recognizes the Idle No More movement as a catalyst and leader in informing the General public of the current state of our Aboriginal Affairs, as such, the Aboriginal Artists Alliance commits to the Idle No More movement in it’s current effort.

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Simone de Beauvoir Institute

Statement of Feminist Solidarity with the IDLE NO MORE Movement

On this day of global action, we, the representatives of students, faculty, staff, Fellows, and Research Associates of the Simone de Beauvoir Institute pledge our full support for the IDLE NO MORE movement.

We stand in respectful solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence and with Quebec’s Michèle Audette, the current President of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, as well as with the similarly inspiring women who launched the movement, Sheela McLean, Sylvia McAdams, Nina Wilson, and Jessica Gordon. We recognize this movement as an extension of a long history of inspiring women who have been on the frontlines of First Nations and Indigenous movements in Canada, including Ellen Gabriel, the late Patricia Monture-Angus, and so many others. We understand that in addition to challenging the Canadian Government, women leading the IDLE NO MORE movement are also seeking changes within First Nations/Indigenous organizations to implement decision-making practices that better respond to the demands of women, youth, and those working at the grassroots level in their communities.

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Council of Canadians

Mr. Prime Minister:

The members of the West Kootenay Nelson Chapter of the Council of Canadians are committed to justice in Canada. At our meeting on January 12, 2013, the following motion was adopted unanimously.

The Nelson Chapter of the Council of Canadians declares our support for the Idle No More Movement and calls upon all levels of government to work with indigenous people and respect indigenous rights; to commit to meaningful discourse with First Nations peoples and their leaders.

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Latin American Researchers of Ontario (LARO)

Latin American Researchers of Ontario (LARO), Foro Nuestra America, the organizers ofLatino/as in Solidarity with Idle no More, and the undersigned organizations support Idle No More for the following reasons:

  1. Because Idle No More represents a compelling call to build a more equitable and sustainable society where the most vulnerable populations have access to basic rights such as appropriate housing, food and clean water, education and autonomy
  2. Because Idle No More represents a strong voice against the destruction and continued privatization of our natural resources
  3. Because Idle No More represents a sovereign call to defend traditional governance and real participatory democracy
  4. Because Idle No More represents a legitimate voice against governmental racist and assimilationist policies that perpetuate neo-colonial relations
  5. Because Idle No More is challenging mainstream images and stereotypes of passive/victimized indigenous subjects and providing visibility for alternative voices
  6. Because Idle No More is raising unprecedented awareness regarding the Right of Indigenous Peoples and the rights of Canadian inhabitants
  7. Because Idle No More provides an opportunity to re-think social, political and economic relations in ways that include environmental, spiritual, and communitarian values
  8. Because as immigrants we have the responsibility to engage in dialogue with the original peoples of these lands!
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Social Forum People of Colour Caucus

We are thankful for being on the unceded Algonquin territory that this launch is taking place on, and for the inspiration that Idle No More and Indigenous communities provide us.

We honour all the Original peoples of Turtle Land and we honour the diverse lands of the Original peoples of Turtle Island on which we individually reside. We recognize the legacy of all Indigenous teachings across this continent and the world. We are committed to working in solidarity as allies with the Indigenous caucus and with the Original peoples of Turtle Island - in words and in actions - again colonization. We are committed to supporting the needs of your nations.

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Climate Justice Alignment

We, members of Climate Justice Alignment, stand in solidarity with Idle No More!

We stand in solidarity with Indigenous Sovereignty and the rights of Indigenous communities to govern and defend their traditional lands, waters and natural resources for the health and wellbeing of present and future generations. As allied activists and grassroots organizations rooted in Indigenous, African American, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, and working class white communities, we support the grassroots leadership of all Indigenous nations opposing colonial governments and the corporate empires they serve. We honor the powerful ways that First Nations communities have survived centuries of colonial oppression and continue to stand tall in opposition to the harm of land and life.

We honor our Indigenous sisters' and brothers’ history of resistance to the Canadian government's racist, exploitative and harmful policies and practices. Standing in solidarity with the Idle No More Movement, we recognize our common commitment to justice, including our resistance to the corporations driving today’s global ecological crisis through extreme energy and resource extraction industries, industrial agriculture, toxic pollution and waste, water privatization, trade liberalization and the commodification of all life.

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National Farmers Union

Saskatoon: “The NFU is proud to declare its solidarity with Idle No More, which is bringing people together from across Canada to stop the Harper government from riding roughshod over our collective rights,” says Glenn Tait, NFU National Board member. “We want a better Canada.”

The NFU is calling for the federal government to fulfill its Constitutional duty to consult and accommodate Aboriginal and Treaty rights and urges the Crown to respect and fulfill the obligations of its Treaties with First Nations. We are all Treaty people.

The NFU gratefully acknowledges the leadership that First Nations people - the first farmers, fisher people, and hunters of this land - have provided in catalyzing a public call to action for environmental and social justice. The NFU, in solidarity with Idle No More and its allies, looks forward to building a society in which our forests, waters, land, and people live and produce in harmony.

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Buffy Sainte-Marie

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Nazareth, Palestine

"We have on this earth what makes life worth living."

In solidarity with First Nations Peoples of Turtle Island




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United Nations of Aboriginal Australia

"The United Nations of Aboriginal Australia proudly supports Idle No More and the right to treaty and sovereignty of all indigenous peoples."


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